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How To Improve Your Customer Base on Amazon

With over two million global visitors per month, Amazon offers a valuable opportunity for e-commerce sellers to access potential sales-hungry customers. However, valuable opportunities always come with a price and for Amazon sellers, that price is high rates of competition. Improving your customer base on Amazon means using a range of different techniques to stand out from a sea of competitors. 

Target the Right Customers

Even if you are successfully managing to stand out on Amazon, if you are not targeting the right customers, you can never expect a return on your digital marketing efforts. The first step to improving your customer base on Amazon is gaining a deeper understanding of who your customer is. You should consult all the customer data you have available to create a customer persona. A customer persona is an imaginary individual that you create to embody your target audience. The reason to focus on your customer persona before your target audience, is because a customer persona provides a more in-depth understanding. Use a customer persona to learn about the likes, dislikes, interests and habits of your ideal customer. You can then apply this information to a more general understanding of target market demographics. Conducting additional research into your competitors’ target audience can prove useful. 

Create a Holistic Amazon Marketing Strategy

As this Amazon Market Agency explains, a successful Amazon marketing strategy requires a holistic approach. Success takes more than listing optimization, reviews or keywords, it requires you to understand and implement these practices together. To best leverage a holistic Amazon marketing strategy, you not only need to implement the best practices, but continuously review and refine your marketing campaign. 

Provide High-Quality Customer Service

It is a well-known fact that customer service is important for any retail business. 33% of customers who have experienced high-quality customer service tell friends or family about the experience. While 36% of shoppers who experience poor customer service tell their friends or family about it. Customer service is perhaps more important on Amazon than anywhere else. 

The reason that customer service is so important on Amazon is because of the value of customer reviews on the platform. Product ratings are displayed alongside your product listings. Ratings are often cited as a deciding factor of whether a user clicks through to the product listing page or not. Providing high-quality customer service on Amazon means responding quickly and transparently to customers. 

Provide Product Videos 

Research has found that 6 out of 10 people would prefer to watch a video than read a product description. Product videos are a great way to capture a potential customer’s attention and increase your conversion rate. You should aim to include one informational video alongside high-quality product photos on your listings. 

Work On Brand Identity

With so much competition, it is unlikely that your product will come up top on every relevant search. One of the best ways to ensure that customers keep coming back to your brand is to create a strong sense of brand identity. Standing out on Amazon can be difficult, but when achieved, it can have a very positive effect on your brand on and off Amazon. Creating a strong brand identity involves making your brand visually recognizable. You should also humanize your brand by offering your brand story.

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