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How to Install Windows 10 in Digital Ocean: Step by Step Procedure

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Digital Ocean does not offer its users the ability to run Windows on its virtual cloud platform. Therefore, conventional methods cannot be used to install Windows 10 in Digital Ocean Droplet. Scroll down below for a detailed tutorial on How to install Windows 10 in Digital Ocean. You can buy cheap RDP/VPS from TryRDP.

How to install Windows 10 in Digital Ocean?

You can install Windows 10 using the Digital Ocean Recovery ISO template. With this guide, you can run the Windows operating system on your server.


Step 1:  The connection

Access your Digital Ocean control panel.

Step 2: Creating a Droplet

After logging in, select “Create Droplet.”

Step 3: Choosing an image

You should use Ubuntu 16, but you can choose any operating system.

Step 4: Choose a size

You will be able to install the model in all drop sizes correctly. The CPU and RAM requirements may require a larger size depending on your workload.

Step 5: Choose an area of the data center

You can choose any location where your drop resides.

Step 6: Hostname selection: 

Here you can choose the name of your drop.

Step 7: Creating a Droplet 

  • The “Create” option must be selected after choosing the operating system, size, and location of your Droplet.
  • The Create Drop page offers additional options. Choose not to make a “backup” or “user data” because it may interfere with Microsoft Windows installation. 
  • You can enable “IPv6” and “private network,” which should work without problems when installing Windows

Step 8: Support for ISO recovery tickets: 

  • To guarantee the resumption of ISO Digital Ocean on your Droplet, you must create a support ticket after the Droplet has been completed.
  • Search for a particular support creation page. 
  • You must select “Support” at the top right of the Digital Ocean Support Center once you are there.
  • On the Control Panel web page, you may need to select “Create ticket” (blue button) depending on the age of your account.
  • You must complete the new support ticket page in the Digital Ocean Control Panel. 
  • In the lower right corner of the page, click “Send a ticket” (blue button). 
  • A response from the digital support team may take several hours, depending on the time of day.
  • Your ticket can be answered by the digital ocean support team, who will note that the ISO recovery file has remained on your Droplet.

Step 9: You can activate and deactivate the drop

Once your Digital Ocean support team has installed the ISO standard, you must turn off a droplet and use the web control panel again.

Select “Deactivate.”

For the Droplet to stop completely, it will take several minutes.

Choose “Switch On.”.

Your Droplet will light up after a few minutes.

Step 10: Droplet console access 

The Digital Ocean console provides access to all droplets (which can be connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse) for installing Microsoft Windows. 

Step 11: Launching the console

Click “console” on the top right side of your Droplet’s web control panel. The new browser window will open. After selecting “console,” a new window will open where the drop console is located. If your console window looks almost identical to the previous one, you should contact the Digital Ocean support team for assistance to get started with the ISO recovery process.

Step 12: Interactive environment access

Now that your recovery environment has network access, you can download and install Microsoft Windows on the Droplet. To execute the command, select “6” on your keyboard to choose option # 6 (“Interactive Shell [/bin/bash]”).

Step 13: Installation of Microsoft Windows

The following command must be entered in the Droplet Console to start the Windows installation. If the command does not match, your command will probably not work. Digital Ocean’s web control panel allows you to reopen the drop console since it will automatically disconnect after no input.

Step 14: Completion of installation

Microsoft Windows is installed when the Droplet has a blinking cursor to the right of the bash indicator.

Step 15: Deactivation of droplets 

Using the Digital Ocean web control panel, turn off the Droplet once the Microsoft Windows installation is complete. In response to your request for help recovering the ISO standard, ask the digital ocean support team to remove the ISO recovery if the drop has completely stopped. It may take several hours for the digital support team to respond to your request.

Step 16: The ISO recovery function removal

If the digital ocean team can eliminate the restoration of their ISO droplet, the next step can be taken.

Step 17: Activate your Droplet

Ensure that your Droplet can start and run Microsoft Windows by selecting “Enable.” It takes Microsoft Windows a few minutes to start up completely and connect to the Internet. Upon beginning the Droplet Console, you should see the Microsoft Windows Start screen or the Microsoft Windows login screen (depending on how long it takes for Microsoft Windows to start); you may have a different console depending on the version of Windows you have installed on your Droplet. 

Step 18: Microsoft Windows connection 

Log into Microsoft Windows once your drop has started using the username and password. When you first open the Droplet console, the login form may hide depending on the version of Windows installed on your Droplet.

Step 19: The registration form can be viewed by following these steps.

  • Click on the Droplet’s console window. 
  • To display the connection boxes, slide up the console window

Step 20: Microsoft Windows successfully connected 

If you select “Enter” on your keyboard after entering the username and password on your Droplet, you must log in correctly to Microsoft Windows.

Essential tips to avoid further problems:

  • Change the password for the “Administrator” account. 
  • Update Microsoft Windows with all the latest updates
  • Use a valid and legitimate license key to activate Microsoft Windows.
  • When you install Microsoft Windows, your hard drive is limited to 15 GB by default. You should extend the C partition of Microsoft Windows to encompass the disk through Disk Management. 
  • SDI can be used to install the missing Microsoft Windows drivers. 

Bottom line:

I hope you found how to install Windows 10 in the Digital Ocean guide helpful. If you follow this above-given procedure, you can correctly install Microsoft Windows in Digital Ocean Droplet and can have easy access through Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop!