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How to Invest 10K: Useful Tips 

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Do you want to invest your own money in order to receive profit in the future? Fine! You can follow the example of the world famous investor Warren Buffet or create your own investment program. 

Experts advise to start with small amounts. It’s better for new investors not to risk big money. But the larger your  investment portfolio, the higher the possible income. 

Modern investment market will offer you many ways how to invest 10K. But choosing the most suitable one is your task.  

Reduce your debts at high rates 

When you have extra funds, you always have the choice to pay off the debt or invest it. Large-rate debts need to be liquidated urgently, as repayment rates are not as high as debt rates. Unpaid debts are gradually growing, so you should get rid of them as soon as possible.  

If your interest rates on debt are less than your investment, you can invest to pay off your debt in the future. But the investment market is not stable, so the likelihood of a permanent income will be small. 

Thus, if you have excess funds, you have the opportunity to pay off the debt and make an investment. If you don’t have enough money, then it’s better to get rid of debt with high interest rates first. 

About robo advisors

Advisory platforms are resources to help an investor adopt the right strategy. To correctly plan your investments, such systems use computer algorithms, as well as important indicators of the investment market. Using an online questionnaire, robo advisors will share with you information on how to invest 10K with minimal risk. In the questionnaire, you will need to indicate the purpose of the investment, the size of the allowable losses, your level of well-being and the expected income.

If you are new to investing, robo advisors make up an investment portfolio ans help to successfully manage it. 

Additionally, their tasks include pension programs, tax simplification, debt reduction and other important tasks. 

Benefits of robo advisors: 

  • fast access; 
  • low cost; 
  • lack of a human factor;
  •  ideal investment plan;
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing. 

Drawbacks of e-advisors: 

  • lack of live communication;
  • minor personalization. 

 Automatic services almost don’t require human management. That’s why you can count on an objective approach. In addition, using them is easier and cheaper than contacting ordinary consultants. 

Profitable bond investing

As your investment experience grows and new stocks are included in your portfolio, the opportunity for diversification increases dramatically. Bonds increase the security of a portfolio while providing a steady income. Therefore, it’s quite possible to increase the amount of capital with the help of stocks. 

A bond is a loan or debt that is transferred from a lender to an issuer. Legal entities can sell their bonds to investors. Investing in this type of stocks isn’t so risky. In addition, investment promises you a long-term, sustainable income.