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How to Maintain Privacy and Security with Dedicated proxies

In 2023, the privacy and security of average internet connections have ended up in a weird spot. At first, we can see that we bear witness to a drastic improvement in secure communication and threat prevention, especially when visiting the most popular websites while using the encrypted HTTPS protocol. Even in instances where a site is not encrypted, the most popular modern web browsers have tons of adjustable privacy and security settings that block visits to suspicious sites and restrict their ability to damage your connection or forbid trackers on the visited pages from collecting your information.

While the security of modern browsing sessions is a lot higher, the same things could not be said about online anonymity. As websites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other giants continue to grow, the average connection to the internet becomes constantly associated with these companies, their products, and their sites. Nowadays, the direct advancement of the web and the introduction of new innovative inventions is no longer their main priority. They seek to further expand their sphere of influence with addictive platforms for communication and entertainment.

After closely inspecting these core aspects of the online experience, we can see that advancement in security comes at the price of digital privacy. Instead of suffering direct damage to cyberattacks, tech companies build incentives to use their well-protected sites and sacrifice your anonymity instead.

Fortunately, internet privacy enthusiasts have come up with a quick and powerful solution that addresses the privacy and security shortcomings in 2023 – proxy servers. Maintaining web anonymity is crucial for all internet users, and proxies are the best tool to achieve it without additional technical skills.

In this article, we will explain why internet users buy dedicated proxies for cybersecurity and brand protection. With private IPs from dedicated proxy services, businesses in 2023 can hide all Company web connections and prevent malicious actors from tracking and sabotaging their online activities. Because so many modern business processes depend on the internet and software assistance, they buy dedicated proxies to maintain a well-protected brand unaffected by cyber threats. Keep reading to learn more about dedicated proxies and how they enhance the privacy and security of all web connections.

The Importance of Digital Privacy

Online anonymity was an intended feature and one of the main appeals in the early days of the internet. While the infancy stage had a lot more weaknesses in the security department, the intent to preserve web privacy while ramping up security was always well-respected and valued. 

However, terror attacks and the fear of national security threats at the start of the XXI century have empowered government agencies and officials to pursue the distraction of online privacy and anonymity for all internet users.

While the power possessed by modern government agencies is frightening, the likelihood of intervention during the average browsing session is non-existent. Nowadays, the biggest violators of privacy are tech companies that own our best platforms for communication and data transmission: search engines, social media networks, online shops, and other frequently visited websites. The amount of tracking via HTTP cookies, outside trackers, and monitoring of actions and interactions on the site is frightening. Fast forward to today, internet users no longer have a right to privacy, and to regain it fully means going off-grid – no web access.

Although the current circumstances are concerning even for casual browsing sessions, the downsides brought by the lack of privacy are amplified for business-related web connections. For example, if you connect to a competitor’s site to collect data with your main company address, the recipient will block your address or worse – redirect it to a fake proxy site that displays fake information. Businesses need private connections to protect their public IP address, employee web access, and overall brand reputation.

Ensuring Brand Security

Maintaining the reputation of a brand is essential for modern businesses that aim to leave a mark in the digital world. Keeping the highest possible level of brand security can become an increasingly complex task as the company continues to grow. When working alone, a freelancer does not need to trust other employees, which helps ensure security during task execution and interactions with clients.

In bigger environments and larger collective units, everyone has to be briefed about potential risks, prior threats, and the most common methods of deception used by malicious actors.

First, there is the classic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that aim to disrupt internet access for your company. If a malicious third party gets their hands on the businesses’ IP address, it can disrupt internet access for all employees and stop important tasks, including sensitive ones that depend on consistent web access and continuous execution.

Modern companies also have to store and manage various amounts of private user data, aiming to prevent catastrophic information leaks. In cases where they happen, clients are very quick to blame the company, which can tarnish its reputation for many years to come.

Dedicated proxies – the best solution for online security

Proxy servers act as intermediary stations between your device and the destination of your web connections. When data packets leave your local network, they obtain a public IP address from the internet service provider. The recipients of your connection can see this address, its original geolocation, and other details about your web access and the used device.

When every web connection forces you to show so much private information, no wonder the privacy of casual users and business employees is in danger. Alternatively, if everyone routes their connection through a proxy server, each connection gets an extra layer of security of anonymity.

Most proxy plans connect you to a random IP address with every connection. This setup is great for data scraping and other data-sensitive procedures where a fresh identity is always a plus. However, their downside is the need to share IP addresses with other users. Proxy providers in 2023 are aware of this issue, and the top suppliers in the market include additional deals for dedicated proxies – a set of IP addresses reserved for your use.

While using dedicated proxies for activities that could get you banned on important sites is not a good idea, a set of private IPs for your employees and a configuration of reverse proxy servers for filtering incoming traffic is the best setup for keeping all of your resources secure while upholding the reputation of your brand.


As concerns over online privacy and lack of anonymity never seem to fade away, internet users are starting to incorporate proxy servers into every browsing session, especially company connections. Dedicated proxies let you control the provided set of identities and pick their respective locations, and even improve connection speeds since you no longer need to share the IP with other clients. Find yourself a reputable proxy provider and start using the provided security and flexibility today!