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How to Make a BB Gun Out of a Pen

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That BB guns are famous is an understatement. The National Rifle Association of America did a study. A body in charge of sport shooting that involves the use of rifles and pistols found that over the past 5 years, there has been an increase in Bebe guns’ purchase by an average of 12 percent. This was 4 percent more than the metal gun sales, which averaged at 8percent. If you’re looking for a new one then check out Guns & Safety Reviews.

Why the sudden increase in Bebe gun purchases, you ask. Below are some of the reasons;

  • They are cheaper – bebe guns are more affordable compare to their steel counterparts. It is also cheaper to buy their ammunition ( which are mostly metal Bbs ). A person firing one round of real bullets will spend more than one who fires one round of metal Bbs. 
  • Lesser accidents – given the nature of their material . According to guns and safety reviews, the chances of a Bebe gun killing or injuring someone is about 4%. 

In this article, you will learn how to make a bebe gun out of a pen, using eight easy to follow steps. 

Materials you will need 

2 pens 

Airsoft BBs 

Duct tape 

A knife or scissors 

Rubber bands 



Step 1

Strip the pen of all its parts (thrust device, spring, plunge). Only the barrel part should remain. The barrel will be used as the body of the gun. For this, read authentic gun reviews here.

Step 2 

Using your knife or scissors. Drill a hole in the barrel. Try to ensure the hole is sizeable enough to allow the airsoft bbs to pass through. Place the hole at about a quarter-inch from the barrels center point.

Step 3 

Pull out the ink chamber from one of the pens. Place your hand in the middle of the ink chamber; measure a quarter an inch from the middle point. Using your scissors, cut a quarter part off. Please note that it’s advisable to use an empty ink chamber. This will prevent ink from spilling on you. 

Step 4 

Glue the quarter-cut part of the ink chamber in the cap. This will act as the guns propeller. You may now place it in the barrel. 

Step 5 

Place the attached ink chamber into the barrel .Then tie the rubber bands onto the barrel at the end of the cap.

Step 6

Pull the cap behind and release it. This ensures that it moves freely and that the rubber bands are firmly held onto it and the barrel. 

Step 7 

Take another pen, empty it of all its components leaving only the barrel. You can then close one end of the barrel with duck tape on the open end in a few airsoft  BBS. Then attach the barrel with the airsoft bbs onto the other one with a cap. 

Check to ensure the barrel’s open part is directly onto the hole you made on the other barrel.

Step 8 

You can now tap the barrel containing the bbs, and once it falls into the other barrel, pull back the cap and release it to fire. Congratulations, you have made your own pen, Bebe gun.