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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

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If you don’t want to create your own videos, then nobody is going to blame you. Creating YouTube videos is very time-consuming and often expensive, and it is very disheartening to see how little attention they get. However, YouTube runs up to eight ads per half-hour video, so they are pulling down some big-time cash, and if you want to dip your paw into that honey pot, you need some way to exploit YouTube for financial gain. Here are three ways you can make money from YouTube without actually creating the videos yourself.

Paying Influencers A Commission to Promote Your Products

This is one of the most common ways to make money without making videos. You contact small-time influencers, people with just a few thousand followers, and you offer them an affiliate-link commission deal. Show them your products and then give them a personalized discount code or affiliate link. Their followers use the link or discount code, and the influencer gets a slice of the profits from the sale. It is pretty basic, but it is common practice on social media these days. It allows you to sell your products without paying money in advance.

Buy Accounts That Are Already Popular

This may sound too good to be true, but you can buy other people’s social media accounts. There is no law saying that only the originator of a social media account is allowed to own it. It is quite possible to own an account and therefore give it away or sell it. 

There are a few YouTube terms and conditions to navigate around, but it is pretty easy so long as you are ethical and conscientious. For example, when you buy the account of “Jenny Fluffy Bunny,” don’t hop onto her account, pretend to be her and start recommending erectile dysfunction medication in her name. 

There are online marketplaces where people are selling their social media accounts, many of which have a pretty good following. It isn’t difficult to find YouTube channels for sale, check this. It has lists of people who have put their websites up for sale and who are happy to hand over all the rights and ownership in return for a single payment. As you get to know the social media sales system, you will see it is very similar to how people sell their websites.

You do not have to buy a single social media account, you can buy several of them if you wish. After that, you can monetize their content and coast off of it, or you can get sponsors and then go back and add your marketing messages into the descriptions and comments. Better still, you could buy the accounts, pay for a few bot followers, do a little promoting for real followers, and then go back to the social media marketplace and sell the account for a profit (flipping accounts for profit).

The Spam Method

This is one of the oldest methods of YouTube manipulation, and it still works. If you have ever wondered what those scammy advertisements are promoting when they tell you that you can make XXX amount of dollars on YouTube for doing nothing, here is how they do it.

There is a vast library of copyright free music in YouTube’s library. You simply post mixes of these videos on YouTube with a copyright-free picture. They then buy 1000 bot followers, or 1500 to be safe, they monetize the content and make money that way. 

Another method is simply to re-post content that is already copyright free. Monetize the content and keep re-posting other people’s stuff until you are earning good money. Using these methods means you don’t have to create your own content, you are just posting a bunch of stuff…and it still works. The only downside (besides helping damage online entertainment as we know it) is that there are already hundreds of thousands of other people doing it, so you have quite a bit of competition.