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How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Available Options

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Everyone knows that Bitcoin can provide unbelievably high incomes. At the same time, most people know only about a few most popular methods of earning on this crypto, like trading or making long-term investments. Hence, today, we would like to tell you about all the other opportunities you can benefit from.

  1. Staking. It is a perfect choice for beginners, which is characterized by the lowest risks. In practice, a trader transfers his coins from his online wallet to a staking pool on an exchange. For that, he earns a reward. That works like a savings account.
  2. Active trading on a crypto exchange. Research shows that crypto prices can go up or down by up to 20% within one trading session on exchanges like Bitcoin Evolution. Thus, experienced crypto traders can make a small fortune on such daily price fluctuations. But we must highlight that such extreme volatility can also result in huge losses.
  3. Binary options. It is quite simple ― to earn a reward, you just need to guess whether a BTC price will go up or down within a specified period.
  4. Mining. How to make money with Bitcoin without actually buying it? Become a miner. It is the basic method, which involves creating coins by solving equations with the help of a computer with a CPU or GPU (or a professional mining rig).
  5. Lending. You can put your coins in the pool on a specialized platform and earn interest for lending them to other users. But be aware that there is no insurance, which means a risk of default.
  6. Investing in tech startups. That is a great opportunity, but one must have deep experience in business to pick up a company with decent potential.
  7. Investing in bounty programs, namely, in new crypto networks. Their creators often offer their coins at a pretty affordable price to obtain extra funds for further development. So, you can make a purchase and hold those coins until they multiply in price.
  8. Faucets. These are platforms that allow earning tiny fractions of Bitcoin by completing simple tasks, like filling in captchas or watching advertisements.
  9. Pay-to-click websites. This method is similar to the previous one and allows you to earn small shares of BTC by clicking on advertisements.
  10. Affiliate marketing. That involves creating premium-quality content related to crypto issues, presenting it via a blog, a profile on a social network, or a channel on YouTube, and promoting your partners’ goods or services to your audience.
  11. Accepting payments in BTC. If you are an owner of some business, you can offer your clients to cover their bills in Bitcoin and, then, hold those coins on a long-term basis waiting for them to grow in price.

In sum, if you are a beginner, start from less risky passive options like staking or lending, and, over some time, you will get enough experience to extend your methodology.