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How to Make Money Without a Job: 10 Easiest Methods

Building a high-performance career is a top goal for many people. However, there is a contrary trend as well. Many people believe that they can cope without a full-time job and prefer to stay at home with their dear people instead. Luckily, we can provide a long list of earning methods that allow such flexibility.

  1. Reviewing websites and mobile applications. If you are a competent Internet user, it will be pretty easy for you to test some kind of source and give your feedback. You can find such tasks on UserTesting.
  2. Copy trading. Do you want to make money without a job in a fully passive way? Then, this method will perfectly suit you. You are not supposed to make investments yourself, instead, you can copy trades performed by another profound investor in an automated manner. To try it, register on eToro or RoboForex.
  3. A freelance writer. No special education is required for that. You can get access to such tasks, for example, on Upwork.
  4. Investments in stocks. If you have some free time, you can try active trading, for example, on Interactive Brokers. Still, you can also opt for long-term investments, i.e. buy certain stocks and hold them until their value grows significantly. In such a case, we recommend you consider investing in index funds (for example, the S&P 500 list) or ETFs.
  5. Paid surveys. Although there are certain demographic restrictions, you will definitely qualify for multiple studies. Search for suitable offers on Survey Junkie.
  6. Mining cryptocurrency. That usually demands special equipment, but you may find out that you already have it, like a powerful computer or GPU.
  7. Selling or renting out your things. Just go to your garage, and you will probably find plenty of items, which you do not actually need and can freely sell. These can be toys, decor, clothes, or maybe furniture. Besides, if you have a boat or a villa, you can rent it out.
  8. Trading options. You can enter contracts that will allow you to purchase or sell certain assets, for example, stocks at an agreed price in the future. As a result, if their value changes in a favorable direction, you can execute the contract and get a profit. Such an opportunity is offered by many brokers, for example, eOption.
  9. Running a blog. If you are an expert in some sphere (even if it is a niche area), you can share your knowledge, experience, and passion with other people. When you manage to attract a significant audience, you can monetize your source by placing advertisements.
  10. Walking dogs. If you enjoy spending time with animals, namely dogs, you can earn money by taking care of them when their owners are at work or away on a trip.

In sum, there is a huge selection of earning options that do not require working full time. On our list, you will find ideas for both those seeking single-time gigs and those who are searching for a new fuss-free career.