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How to Make Stylish Names in Video Games

Since the start, video games have been a great source of entertainment, as it enables a gamer to compete, do endless things in a virtual world, experience a high level of excitement, and emotions which leads to happiness. As you grew up, did you ever play Street Fighter at a local arcade? Or if you belong to the generation of video game consoles or PC games, you must be a Grand Theft Auto fan. I remember saving money in my childhood to play my favorite arcade video games. Whether it be Street Fighter, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Pin Ball, all of them had a separate fan base. 

When we look back, video games were mainly single-player. But then came the time, when the internet became widely available. The walls were broken down and the focus of gamers was shifted towards multiplayer entertainment. As the boundaries were removed, the game developers worked on bringing gamers from all over the world together. By enabling fans to compete and connect from multiple devices, multiplayer gaming has brought the gaming world to a new level. This move has paved the way for the immersive gaming that modern gamers now experience.

Rise of Mobile Gaming

Gaming has witnessed another rapid transformation after smartphones and app stores hit the market, which has changed the way people play games. This shift of the gaming industry towards mobile has attracted the media’s attention towards gaming. At first, many multiplayer games such as 8 Ball Pool, and Clash of Clans dominated the app store and gamer’s attention for quite a long time. But now, you would have heard of PUBG, Fortnite, and Free Fire, even if you have never played video games before. In 2017, these free-to-play PVP battle games took the app stores by storm. And till now, they have been successful in grabbing everybody’s attention and finding a way to their mobile phones. 

These free-to-play games are now hosting most of the gaming tournaments and everybody now seems busy enhancing their skills with their squads to compete in such tournaments. The PVP battle games feature a wide range of unique outfits, weapons, and their skins, parachute skins, vehicles, and much more to give your character a specific identity. But there is something more to make your character stand out among others when you play, and that is your IGNs (in-game names) or usernames.

In this article, we will introduce you to some online tools to help you make your ordinary-looking name, look unique and stylish.

Why Do We Need a Stylish Name?

The competition among the players is getting high, as more and more people are getting attracted towards these amazing battle games and the number of players is increasing. Along with good playing skills, and dashing outfits, everybody wants a unique name to stand out in the lobby, and leave an impression among their enemies. Sometimes squads or even clan members also want to have similar names so they can have an identity, when they play with other squads. In this regard, they search for an online generator that helps in making a different and unique name with stylish symbols.

Stylish Name Generators

When it comes to opting for a generator to help you make your usernames or IGNs stylish and impressive, we’ve got two incredible options for you.

  • etcGamer’s Name Generator

Name Generator by etcgamer is a very popular option, as it is a simple and easy-to-use tool. This generator enables the user to enter the desired name and choose a symbol from the table of symbols to include in your name. You can also choose these symbols as prefixes and suffixes to make your name look more cool and attractive. Apart from generating a name, if you don’t have any name on your mind, you can see a list of cool and unique names to choose from. This generator is highly loved and appreciated by players due to its simple, free, and user-friendly functionality.

  • Nickfinder’s Name Generator

Just like etcGamer, Nickfinder is another popular and cool generator. The generator offers a good option to generate a stylish name for your in-game character for free. This generator enables the user to choose from different options as for couples you can combine two names, or for a single name just enter the text and change it into stylish symbols. You also get an option to choose from the table of suggestions.


While playing PVP battle games, looking for a cool and attractive name to attract your opponents can be a bit confusing when you don’t have any name ideas on your mind. And you wouldn’t want to do that same mistake of choosing a random name when you first started playing. In this case, all you can do is get suggestions and ideas from the internet. With the help of name generators, you can have a unique and appealing name that could differentiate you from other players. So what are you waiting for? Go and generate one for you and share these amazing generators with your friends