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How to Make the Perfect Playlist

Life is incomplete without the perfect playlist. For instance, if you need the right music at running time, on the road trip, during adventures, etc., thousands of playlists can fill everyone’s needs; even the playlist is automatically created each week by music services. Music always gives you vibes according to your Mood.

The question is how to make the perfect playlist for every occasion. Adventures-themed playlists, sports-themed playlists, and daily routine playlists are included in this playlist. So here are a few tips for everyone to keep the playlist up-to-date. 

Figure out the Theme

The very first step is to figure out the theme according to your vibes. Every song is associated with particular feelings, and if it is not different, then it is just lying the shuffling songs on Spotify. You can search a wide array of themed playlists and make your own choices. It could be about nostalgia, self-love, sports, wedding, etc.

Find a Song That suits the Mood

According to some experts, the first song in the playlist is the important part that establishes the theme that you want to convey. Therefore, it should be a refreshing song with a melancholic piano instrument. The best song introduces love and heartbreak and gives a small glimpse into the rest of the playlist.

Pick Meaningful Songs

Everyone feels better when they hear their favorite song. It reminds a good memory. There are chances that you listen to a playlist filled with songs you enjoy. Make a playlist and choose songs that are meaningful to them. Your playlist will describe your taste and tell what feelings you have the most.

Add music from a Variety of Genres

While creating a playlist, one must focus on genre. There should not only be one music style or genre. A variety of genres change the tempo in the playlist. You get bored when you have the same bunch of songs. Find a soundcloud playlist from a station like GLACER FM and get a variety of different new artists to listen to. Therefore, there must be similar meaning songs but different songs. 

Incorporate the Five Elements of Plot Structure

Like the plot structure while writing a book, creating a playlist works like this. Five major elements included exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. An exposition is difficult and known as an introduction, but other steps are easier. The resolution is the personal favorite songs that you keep in your playlist. Just keep all elements in mind and create the best-themed playlist.

Bottom line

An enjoyable and interesting activity is to introduce people to new music. A great playlist should have an element of surprise or wonder that elevates your Mood. By following the steps mentioned above, you can make the best playlist with favorite and meaningful songs. Moreover, you can also share this playlist with your friends whenever you want or at any event. Add you’re favorite theme and enjoy the best life.