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How to Manage an Airbnb Remotely

A clean and correctly depicted house is what Airbnb visitors expect when they rent your property via the Airbnb platform. A simple visitor check-in procedure, as well as readily available information, are also expected. This seems to be a rather basic situation…

Physical separation from your property makes everything more difficult. So, how do you maintain your vacation rental while being thousands of miles away from it? You can manage your Airbnb rental from anywhere in the world if you build up a business procedure that allows you to do so.

Whatever your physical location, you will be responsible for meeting the requirements of all of your visitors. You will provide a faultless visitor experience if you follow these steps carefully. You can manage Airbnb from a distance while traveling is possible if you follow these five principles for managing an Airbnb remotely.

1. Self-check-in is an option.

Consider allowing your visitors to self-check in so that they may access your property without having to meet you in person. A key lockbox is one option, but you may also consider installing an electronic or smart lock to keep your keys secure.

It is also a good idea to use key management services on occasion. To handle key handoff, you may use several different tools, like Keycafe and

  • In addition to providing keyless self-check-in for visitors and workers using smart locks, is a service that can assist you in managing Airbnb remotely. Better security for your properties is provided by smart locks. When a wireless signal from a smartphone confirms that the visitors have entered your property, they provide admission to your guests.

Using the app, you can also provide your visitors with a pin code that they may type into the intercom’s keypad if your property needs a pin code to enter to gain entry.

You may automate the distribution of access instructions using Keycafe or, for example. This means that your visitors will have access to all of the information they need to enter your property at the touch of a screen.

In addition, by controlling admission to your rental through a mobile application, you can ensure that assistance is always available should your visitors need it. If your visitors are experiencing difficulty getting entry to your property, you will receive immediate alerts. Additionally, you will be alerted instantly if an unauthorized individual attempts to enter.

Using Airbnb key management tools, you will have complete control over all entries, check-ins, and checkouts. They will also assist you in avoiding awkward situations, such as the cleaning company accessing the property before visitors have completed their check-out process.

2. Vacation rental software that allows you to manage Airbnb from a remote location

Managing an Airbnb remotely from a distance might be a difficult task. Although you may be abroad touring the globe, you can rest certain that your company is running well owing to automation.

Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, enables you to keep track of all guest communications, reservations, and adjustments all in one place! Additionally, you will be able to oversee and manage the day-to-day activities of the property management company. With Lodgable, you can: 

  • Sync your calendars and manage your bookings on Airbnb,, and Vrbo/HomeAway all from a single interface; Another option is to use iCal to link to other platforms;
  • Monitor your business results by utilizing the reporting feature; 
  • Manage direct bookings by utilizing our direct booking management toolset; 
  • Create invoices and accept payments securely by connecting your Stripe account. 

3. Engage the Services of a Professional Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service eliminates the need for you to be present on-site to deal with each new guest’s arrival and departure. A professional cleaning agency may handle routine activities like disinfection and cleaning after a visitor has checked out. While waiting, you might take advantage of the opportunity to go on vacation or to work on important projects.

Cleaning services will also take care of the places that are often disregarded by the general public. Professional cleaners will take care of all of the hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that your property is immaculately maintained.

Provide the cleaning business with a customized cleaning checklist to guarantee that your vacation rental is kept at a high level of hygiene.

4. Search for maintenance companies that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your maintenance providers are one of the most critical components of your company if you are attempting to manage Airbnb from a distance. Maintaining your property requires the services of dependable maintenance personnel who are available to answer requests at any time of day or night.

  • You should have the following providers on the fast dial to efficiently manage your Airbnb from a distance:
  • cleaning services as a last resort
  • Services include plumbers, handymen, electricians, heating and air conditioning repair, and landscaping.
  • Pest control (if applicable) 
  • Pool cleaning (if applicable)

It seems as if maintenance concerns at a property always arise at the most inconvenient of times. You can be sure that no matter what occurs, your visitors will anticipate you acting swiftly. Your visitors may likely give you negative feedback if you take too long to react to an emergency. As a consequence, income will suffer as a result of this.

Choose providers that are well-known and reputable in their field. To properly do essential repair work as soon as possible, you’ll need someone you can depend on. For your team of vendors to be efficient at managing Airbnb remotely, they must provide services around the clock.

5. Create a thorough guestbook for your event.

On the day of their arrival, be sure you provide them with all of the pertinent information. So they won’t have to contact you with any further inquiries throughout their stay, which will save you time. Provide visitors who arrive at your rental with an instructive handbook that will help them have an amazing guest experience while staying at your property.

  • You could include information in your Airbnb welcome guestbook about local attractions, public transit timetables, and other useful information.
  • Put it in a highly prominent location, such as on the kitchen counter, to ensure that your visitors will see it.

It is strongly advised that you provide information about your check-in and check-out processes in your Airbnb profile. Along with this, you may put them in your welcome book.

Last but not least, after a booking is finalized, visitors should be instantly issued WiFi codes and troubleshooting instructions through Airbnb. Remember to include this information in your welcome binder as well as your welcome packet.


To operate a company from a distance, it is necessary to have a comprehensive system for managing Airbnb from afar.

The amount of time spent setting up an Airbnb company may seem to be excessive, but it is required to make money. Developing an effective business flow and running your company from a distance is possible with these five recommendations. Maintaining a passive income is also important.

Make certain that your system is up and running properly at all times to attract more reservations and get more favorable feedback. All of these efforts will enhance your reputation as a dependable and successful Airbnb host.