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How to Never Miss a Price Drop Again: A Guide to Setting Up Alerts

Price drop alerts let customers know when their favorite products are discounted without a formal sale. They are a type of automated email or notification that informs everybody who has expressed interest in a product that the price just dropped and that they may save money by purchasing it right away.

Price drop alerts might help you choose the ideal time to purchase a product you’ve had your eye on if prices change monthly or even daily. You may do this confidently, knowing the price won’t drop when you return.

I. Identify the products you want to receive alerts for

Before you use a price drop alert, make sure you have created a shopping budget and identified the required products.

  • Consider your budget and shopping goals.

Be it online shopping or offline shopping, creating a budget is a necessary part. When you set a price drop alert on some products, start with creating a budget. Set an amount you will spend on the particular products and try not to spend more than that to avoid overspending. 

  • Make a list of the products you want to track

What’s the point of price tracking when you do not have a list of products? Create a list of products you need to track the price of. Be sure you add the products you need and spend your money wisely.

II. Research price drop alert services

Now that you have a budget and shopping list, it’s time to search for a trustworthy price drop alert service.

  • Look for services that cover the retailers you shop at

Compatibility with various retailers is the most important thing to look for in price drop alert services. For example, if you want to track a product on Amazon, your chosen service should be compatible with Amazon.

  • Read reviews and compare features.

To find the best price drop alert service, you need to read the reviews and know what people who have used it have to say. It will give you an insight into the features, and you can compare it with other options on your radar.

  • Consider the cost of the service.

Well, you will be using a price drop alert to save some money, so make sure you choose a service that is either free or charges a nominal amount to use their services. This way, you will save money on both sides.

III. Sign up for a price drop alert service

Once you have chosen a price drop alert service, you will require to sign up for an account and provide the details that the service asks for.

  • Follow the instructions to create an account and set up your alerts.

The price drop alert service you are using must have a set of instructions that you need to follow to create an account. Most of the services ask for your email address and create a password. Follow these instructions and sign up for an account to use the tool.

  • Customize your alerts according to your preferences 

Once you have signed up for an account, you will be directed toward making customizations for easy navigation. You can choose the minimum price drop and the mode of notification. 

IV. Test your alerts

Now that you have set up the account and made the customizations, you can try the alerts and see whether they work.

  • Choose a product and wait for the price to drop.

To test whether you get a price drop alert, pick a product from your list, add it to the price drop service, and wait for the price to drop.

  • Verify that you receive the alert as expected

Retailers like Amazon change product prices multiple times a day. You will receive a notification that the price of your mentioned product has been lowered. Go to Amazon’s website and see whether the price has dropped. This way, you will make sure the price has dropped and make the purchase.

V. Stay organized and track your alerts

The work continues after following the steps mentioned above. You need to be organized when you start tracking the prices of products.

  • Keep a record of the products you are tracking and the alerts you receive

Make a list of the products you are tracking. Also, keep a note of the price pattern. This will help you to score a great deal on the products you want. 

  • Use the alerts to make informed purchasing decisions.

Price drop alerts will help you make a smart shopping decision. You will buy a product at its best price and save a lot of money. 


Individuals can use price drop alert services to keep tabs on the costs of the goods they need to buy, compare prices at other stores, and set up alerts to be informed when costs decrease. This makes it easy to guarantee customers are receiving the most excellent offer.