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How To Optimize Your Business Site For SEO

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Each company strives to develop and further expand its business. Having your own website in the modern world is one of the main components of which the internal “kitchen” of a business is built.

It is no longer a secret that a website requires regular support across multiple channels to start delivering business value. One of these channels is SEO promotion. In this article we will tell you about the main advantages of such a promotion and how important it is not to deny your business assistant, in the person of your website, such support.

What is SEO promotion

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is one of the types of promotion on the Internet. Unlike other channels like SMM or context, SEO aims to get traffic for free from search engines to the desired site.

Total SEO promotion (aka SEO optimization) is a set of measures that are aimed at increasing the position of a site in the search results of Google and other systems according to selected queries. The purpose of such a promotion is to increase conversion and traffic on site pages.

For example, sites owned by an average business receive about 80% of organic traffic (Note organic traffic – when a user himself went to a site by selecting it in the search results). And the higher the position of the site in the search engine, the more users will find good backlinks, see it and the more likely they will go to it.

SEO itself includes internal and external optimization. Internal optimization provides for a number of works related to content, interface, usability, technical setup, and linking. External optimization includes building the link mass, placing links on different resources.

Benefits of SEO promotion

Brand credibility increases

Today, many users are so tired of annoying ads that they cause nothing but irritation. SEO is different. Imagine that you get an answer to your question almost immediately by going to a site. And if this answer is visible on the first page of the search engine, then this is already a guarantee of your trust as a potential client of the company. Therefore, such a website promotion allows not only to make brand awareness even more, but also to increase consumer loyalty.

Conversion increases

Search engine optimization doesn’t just bring a user to the site, it also provides an excellent opportunity to activate such a user to take the necessary actions. This is facilitated by the internal optimization of the site, which includes a number of works on usability, functionality and content. Saving the result for a long period

Even if you stop making financial investments in such a promotion channel as SEO, then its result in the position will remain for several months, or even years, as long as the site exists.


Unlike other channels, a financial investment in SEO promotion costs the site owner an order of magnitude cheaper. For example, if you compare the investment of finance in context and in SEO, then the latter will be a significant benefit.

Possibility of increasing the coverage of potential consumers

In practice, the user pays attention to a maximum of the first 15 sites from the search engine results. And if the site is in the highest possible positions, then of course it has a much better chance of attracting new potential customers.

Total SEO promotion is one of the important components of the modern business world, which definitely needs to be taken into account in the development strategy as in But also do not forget that such a promotion should go in parallel with other support channels, since everything is interconnected in the Internet system.

How to improve the position of a site in search engines?

These two simple steps will help you figure out which work needs to be done first.

  1. Collect keywords

This part may require extensive research. You need to find words, phrases and terms related to your activity. That being said, it is important that they match the queries that people enter into the search bar.

For example, Google Trends help you see what exactly users are looking for on the Internet. By the number of requests, you can determine their popularity. Collect the appropriate ones and distribute them on different pages of your site, based on their content.

  1. Find and fix errors

Re-read the text content and see if there are any spelling or grammatical errors on the site. Check the page and section titles for short, clear and informative titles. Structure your texts, add keywords to fit them organically into headings, subheadings, and body text. Add more unique images, photos and videos to the site if necessary.

Pay attention to the technical component of the site:

  • fix broken links;
  • remove duplicate pages;
  • check and increase the download speed if necessary.

These are basic tasks that you need to regularly perform to maintain and grow your site’s position in search results. By making the resource popular, visually attractive and easy to use, you can also improve its position in search engines. If you feel that the site is “underperforming”, it is better to take action right away – otherwise sales will suffer. Your own knowledge will not always be enough. If you doubt how to do it right, hire an SEO specialist.