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How to Overcome Common Wedding Planning Stressors

When it comes to wedding planning, some people think stress is unavoidable.

“Hire a great makeup artist, they say, “that way no one sees how exhausted you are.” 

Honestly? A small amount of stress can be a good thing. After all, you care. You want to make sure everything – down to the very last detail – is perfect.

However, too much stress (or worse, chronic stress!) can leave you exhausted and depleted. Too frazzled and burnt out to actually enjoy the very celebration that you poured time and energy into creating.

Curious to learn more about common wedding planning stressors?

Keep reading. We list each one, and include ideas on how to overcome them.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise: drama is inevitable

Other people are guaranteed to weigh in and tell you how to do things. Then act huffy and hurt, like you ruined their wedding, when you politely decline their ideas.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • It’s your wedding
  • You can’t please everyone
  • Try not to let other people get under your skin

If it gets to be too much, it’s okay to step in and say something. When it comes to squabbling or disagreements, most people just need a reality check. For those who are so wrapped up in their own world that a reality check won’t get through to them, do your best to not let their bad juju spill over onto you.

Use your discretion, and don’t forget: it’s your wedding day, not theirs. You do you, and if they don’t like it or approve? That’s on them. It’s their problem, not yours.

Guest List

Cobbling together a guest list is stressful. Plans for a small intimate wedding can quickly escalate. Next thing you’re inviting third cousins Janice and Theodore – at least you think that’s who they are.

To make it even more challenging, you’ll probably have other family members weighing in on this decision.

One way to make a guest list more manageable is to establish a budget, and plan for the type of wedding you’d like to have first, before drafting up the invites. That gives you a clearer picture and understanding of what’s manageable.

If you have time to plan, give yourself a few weeks to discuss the guest list.

Make a rule and stick to it: people only get a say in your guest list if they’re also helping pay for the wedding.

Have a Plan (with a timeline!)

You need a plan, and a timeline. The internet is full of wedding planning help, strategies, and ideas galore. We’re not going to spend time telling you how to plan, we’re here to emphasize the importance of having a plan. A plan with a timeline.


Chances are, you’ve got a team of people who are ready and willing to leap at the opportunity to help you out. Your bridesmaids for example. They’re probably talented in all sorts of different ways, and lucky for you, you can benefit.

 Your super-crafty bridesmaid can be in charge of the DIY décor.

You can enlist all of your ladies to help find bridesmaid dresses. Bella Bridesmaids has an incredible selection, featuring some of the biggest designers. Let them know what you’re going for – perhaps a little boho, a little vintage. Maybe pick a few dresses you like from the Bella site, and have them help you narrow it down to one.

 The point is, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

When delegating, be clear on:


  • Timeframe
  • Expectations

Don’t Forget What’s Most Important

Sometimes the stress of a lengthy to-do list makes it easy to lose sight of the big picture. Stress can cloud your vision to the point where you forget what all this is for; what it’s about.

 You may need to remind yourself from time to time: this is a gathering, a time to celebrate love. Not only are you uniting with the love of your life, you’re also sharing this very special occasion with other close friends and loved ones, and these people also care about you. 

 Honestly, this is the best part of the wedding experience. However, when stressing about the other aspects, it’s also the part that can easily get lost or forgotten, since it’s not on anyone’s to-do list.


If you identify the things that you’re likely to stress about – call them out before they have a chance to stress you out – you’re way less likely to fall victim to them. You become one of the lucky few: someone who actually enjoys the wedding planning experience.