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How to Pair a Motorola Baby Monitor

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Home monitors are definitely a huge blessing, as are finding suitable clothing options like the long sleeve sleep sack for the most comfort for your baby. These home monitors help you in monitoring your baby while doing other work without worrying. Today, video baby monitors come with all different specifications, and you can pick the one you think best fits your needs. Motorola baby monitors are top-rated among parents. It has excellent reviews and works well with other devices too. Got your Motorola baby monitor? Let us help you set it up!

Check Everything

Before setting up, make sure that you have got everything. A baby monitor kit includes a parent kit, a camera, two power adapters (one for the parent kit and the other for the camera), and one Stargrip. If you bought a multi-camera monitor, then you will have additional cameras and their adapters. Now once you have checked that you have everything, start with charging the parent unit.  Sometimes they are already charged, but you can always check.

Installing the Baby Monitor

If you want to use the baby monitor, there must be a link between the parent unit and the baby unit. This connection is impacted by the environment. For instance, any large objects like mirrors, metallic doors, refrigerators, etc., may block the connection between the units. Walls also block the radio signals. Even Wi-Fi signals can interfere with the baby monitor signals. If you think all these objects are causing any problems, keep the baby monitor away from them.  If the problem continues, you should put the monitor in a different room.

The Parent Unit

The parent unit has an installed battery that needs to be charged for a couple of hours. The unit has a UBS port that is connected to the power adapter. Just like you charge your phone, you need to charge the parent unit as well. Never connect the monitor to a different charger as it can damage the battery. Hold the power button on the unit for a couple of seconds to switch it on. If the baby unit and the parent unit are connected, the parent unit will show the view of the room. In case there is no connection, the screen will go blank.


You do not need to pair the baby monitor with the parent unit. But if you disconnect it or want to re-register, then it can be done through the parent unit. Go into the menu by pressing the button ‘M.’ Search for the ‘add’ option using the navigation keys to add a camera unit. Press the ‘PAIR’ icon on the screen to pair the baby unit. 


The camera can be tilted using the parent unit to adjust the view. Use the up, down, left, or right buttons to adjust the views.

Night Mode

The Motorola baby monitor automatically uses sensors to display clear images in the dark. LEDs are switched on, and the display colors change to black and white.

Talking Mode 

You can also talk using the TALK icon on the parent unit.