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How to Play Play Golf at Home: 7 Simple Ways

This way you can easily play golf at home with the best simulator.”

Golf lovers always look for opportunities to play golf whether on or off the golf course. Many are stuck at home most of the time due to busyness, winter, rain, and snow. As a result, it is not always possible to go to a golf course to play golf. But for this reason, won’t they practice? Yes, of course, they will practice. You can play at home when you can’t or don’t want to go to the golf course.

Now the question might come, “How to play golf at home?” Because there is no wide field like a golf course at home. You have no reason to worry. Playing golf at home is very simple. You can play golf in your own home using simulators, heavy clubs, putting, net, chipping net, full-length mirror, or devices. In this article, we will cover the best five ways to play golf at home. So let’s find out the details.

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1. Use a Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator offers a golfer an alternative to real golf and lets you view your shots instead of swinging. With this, you can play at home in a short time. Most rounds of the simulator are completed within an hour. The simulator will help you a lot to improve your game. This simulator records the contact and grip of the ball with each angle of the swing starting from your body position. This allows you to use different balls through swings and clubs. This will help you play a lot of courses such as- PGA National, Muirfield Village, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, etc.

The simulator gives you instant data of your shots. So you can know your mistake and correct it. In the simulator, place your ball in the hitting area and create a swing. You will probably want to use the best indoor golf simulator on the market. And to buy the best golf simulator, you need to spend time on research. So to save your time and find out the right information, know the 10 best golf simulators with features and products. This way you can easily play golf at home with the best simulator. Just make sure to have a golf simulator maintenance expert on hand in case any problems arise over the years.

2. Practice Your Putting

You can play golf through practicing putting when you can’t get out on long winters or rainy days. But you can play using a putting mat on any surface of your home. This is better for you to play golf at home, no doubt. If you have carpet on the floor, the ball moves slowly along the stump, but it does control the putter better. Another drill is to balance a coin on a ball in one corner of the room so that the other ball is kept close enough that it touches the other ball but without knocking the coin.

On the other hand, you can use it in any wide space in the house. Putting teaches you how to discipline your strokes, giving you a way to hit the ball too hard or too soft. But if you are not in such a place, then you can play with a putting mat. These Putting Mats are usually 8 feet long and have distance markers.

As well as fixing it, there are many things that you may not be able to get into your home course. If you spend some time with strokes, you will be able to put it very well. If you want to improve your golf, it records the data of your swing and stroke analyzer which will help you in case of stroke.

3. Use a Heavy Club

You can use a heavy club to play golf at home. In your home, choose a place (in the garage, basement, room, or garden) where you can take a swing. Take 30 to 40 swings with a heavy club. If you take a heavy club, it will also improve your swing speed and use this heavy club for backswing or downswing practice.

4. Use a Net or Chipping Net

You can use a net to hit your shots. Play golf in your home, garage, in a space in the room, or by setting a net in the basement. Once the net is set, you have to play by inserting a shot in it.

Different golf nets are available according to your needs. If you use an indoor golf net, it gives you a generous heating zone that can be used effortlessly inside. Use the net to improve each of your strikes. And it will improve your game over time.

If you want to start a chipping drill along with your net, then set up a chipping net. You can set it in your backyard, garage, or room.

5. Use a Foam Golf Balls or Chip with Pitch

Play golf at home using a swollen golf ball if you don’t have a ceiling height. Hold a little bag of foam golf balls. Start playing by arranging to chip and pitching in the space of your house and setting the chipping net. You can also play using chipping mats if you don’t want to damage your home floor or floor carpet.

6. Use a Full-Length Mirror

If you have a full-length mirror in your home along with a club, then you have no worries. Because if you stand before the mirror, you can drill and you can easily see your oscillations before hitting.

When you look at your grip in front of the mirror, you can see for yourself what is great and what is weak.

You can even see what kind of grip you get from each one.With a full length mirror you can easily see your oscillations before hitting.

Then you can improve your swings. If you stand about three feet away from the mirror, you will see the movement of your hips and what your legs are doing. In a word, you can check the posture of your whole body through the full length mirror and. Practice with the club in front of the mirror again and again until you get your grip right. Consider wearing a funny golf shirt to appreciate your reflection.


Playing golf at home will boost your confidence. It will take away your loneliness and the worry of not being able to practice golf because of being stuck in your room. You have already learned how to play golf at home in the above discussion. Feel free to ask questions here if you have any further information based on the above discussion. And if you have any opinion, comment here.