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How To Play Roblox With TG Macro & OP Auto Clicker

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Playing roblox using auto clicker apps is so much fun and you can level up your gaming abilities like a pro. There are a bunch of auto clickers available but not every name that you come across is a good one. I can confidently tell you that the TG Macro and OP Auto Clicker are the two best auto clickers to play roblox games on your pc.

The aforementioned auto clickers need initial input from your side. The inputs such as total number of clicks, time delay between the clicks and click rate, etc. Both TG Macro and OP Auto Clicker are free tools and you don’t have to pay any money for downloading / using them for your needs.

If you are interested, let’s go ahead and download them on your pc. Please note that TG Macro is available for Windows only whereas the OP Auto Clicker is available for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems as well.

Note: Use the TGMacro Pro version to create macros in roblox and Minecraft. There are lots of new gaming features that you can enjoy at no cost.

How to Download & Use TG Macro to Play Roblox?

Check out the step by step process for downloading, installing and using it for playing the roblox games.

  • Open a new tab on your windows pc and visit or click the link provided here to visit the official website of the tg macro app.
  • Scroll down to the download section and tap the “Download” button to go to their download page.
  • Choose the latest version (Most recent version) and download it on your windows pc.
  • The app is a portable version and you don’t have to install it on your pc. Just double tap the tgmacro.exe file to launch the interface of the app.
  • Open a new tab on your pc and go to website.
  • Sign in with your roblox account and search for the game that you want to play.
  • Click the “Play” button and open the tg macro app now.

  • Tap “Add New Macro +” button on the home screen of the tgmacro app.
  • Once the macro creation is started, give it some name and press the “+” icon to add the tasks to the macro.
  • Include the key presses and mouse clicks in the macro.
  • Don’t worry, you can add / remove the individual tasks from the macro that you are creating now.
  • Once the macro is created, you need to set a trigger key for the macro to start when the selected trigger key is pressed.
  • Navigate to Trigger Actions By section and select the method. You may select Key Events and Key Pressed options and give the Key “for example, D”.
  • So, whenever you press the key “D” while playing the game, tg macro will run the macro that you have created now. Make sure that you press the [Home] button to enable the tgmacro software beforehand.

How to Download & Use OP Auto Clicker to Play Roblox?

Here is a short guide that deals with the op auto clicker and its usage for the roblox games.

  • Download OP Auto Clicker app for your windows pc from the link shared here.
  • The app is just 850 kb and download will take not more than 5 seconds.
  • Double tap the opautoclicker.exe file to launch it on your windows pc. Don’t worry, it is also a portable app which doesn’t require the installation procedure and all.
  • Once it is launched, select the click interval time anything between 100 milliseconds and 10 milliseconds for faster click rate.

  • Now, select the click options such as Left / Right / Middle mouse buttons and Single Click / Double Click.
  • Now, select the click repeat options such as “Repeat 1” times or select number of times using the up & down arrows. Or, simply select the “Repeat until stopped” option to receive the unlimited number of clicks.
  • Go to the “Pick Location” option and enter the x and y coordinates either manually with values or pick the screen location using the pointer. Or, simply select the current location option to operate the clicks location with your cursor.

Note: There is a lot of more stuff related to the op auto clicker software. You can either visit or websites for settings and tutorials.

Once you select the options the way you want, open roblox platform and select the game that you want to play, enable the auto clicker (tg macro or op auto clicker) by using the hotkeys and start playing the roblox games like never before.