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How to Present Yourself in the Most Attractive Way 

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In this highly visual society, it is no stretch of the imagination to say that those with faces and bodies sculpted by angels are going to have an easier time than the rest of us. But this doesn’t mean that we less-than-stunningly-gorgeous guys can’t compete. But it will be up to us to find an approach that convenes us. After we have found that advantageous approach, not only can we compete with these “Brad Pitt” types, we can even have an advantage over them — I kid you Not! 

But this is all about learning how to build an attraction without relying solely on looks. The good news and something that many men don’t understand is that women are not nearly as visually oriented as men. By understanding that there are a variety of qualities that women respond to beyond physical appearance, we can open up new avenues of opportunity to make that connection with an online female audience. Female escorts can help you get to the top of your dating game building confidence in the dating scene.

Here are 5 ways you can present yourself in the most appealing way that is sure to attract the attention of girls everywhere.  

  1. Show a sense of adventure. 

The biggest fear that many women have is that they will end up with a guy who will revert to a couch potato the second they find what they are looking for. This fear can be washed away by showing what an adventurous and active person you are. This can be done by showing pictures of your vacations, interesting places you have visited, adrenaline-infused activities and more.  

Just a couple of pictures of you in the company of whales, hiking perilous ravines or sky-diving is sure to attract the attention you are looking for.  

  1. Show confidence. 

Text communications and dates are not the only places where your courage and confidence will get you far or derail your game. If you are stuck trying to take super attractive picture-perfect selfies, your female audience will take this as a subtle sign of a lack of confidence.  

Your pictures should be relaxed, fun and confident. These are the key elements that make women admire your character and attract them to the person you really are.  

  1. Demonstrate social value 

Social values communicate that you are a functioning member of a social group and women love this. Whether you choose to take pictures of yourself at parties, social groups, sporting events or even volunteering at a shelter, women respond well to a socially intelligent gent. 

  1. Tell the right story

You have a story to tell and the perfect way to tell it. This can be communicated in pictures and photos which say a thousand words. The pictures you post will communicate many things about you and your life. What do you think tells a better story? 6 pictures of a muscular shirtless Greek god with a better body from varying angles? Or, a fun-loving adventurous guy doing exactly what he loves?    

  1. Reveal your sense of humor. 

Women love a guy who can make them laugh and laugh at himself and his life. If you can take a tasteful picture of yourself that makes women laugh, you have given yourself a considerable advantage in the broad scheme of things. Not only does this communicate a good-nature and lighter side, but it gives you something to talk about with a girl on a first date or even over text messages.  

At the end of the day, women would rather be laughing and having fun with an average looking guy, then vegetating on a couch with Mr. I’m-too-sexy-for-my-shirt.