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How To Reduce PDF Size Online?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is the most used format for soft documents that are exchanged electronically. A PDF file is easy to send and read. Moreover, its layout stays the same. These are only some of the reasons PDF documents are constantly growing.

You do not need special software to open a PDF. Updated browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla can open the file online. However, many options are available if you want to open and edit the document properly.

PDF use is very common. You will come across files in school lessons, essays, and eBooks. PDFs are common in colleges and universities too. In addition, the professional sphere also interacts with PDF files regularly. Common examples are blueprints, business plans, and legal documents.

Because PDF files are so common, some of these documents may be larger in size. This is because of multiple fonts, high-quality images, or graphs. A bulky PDF file is difficult to share. It can complicate matters because clients usually have a size limit on their emails. A bulk PDF will slow computer performance because it takes up much space on your disk. 

The solution is compressing the file with a PDF Editor

How to reduce PDF size online?

Here is how to reduce PDF size online:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Upload the File

Click on Select a File and upload it from your computer. The online tool is free for documents up to 100 MB in size. iTop PDF is an expert in compressing large-sized PDF files. 

Step 3: Pick a compress level

The PDF Editor offers three compressions levels. These are basic, strong, and preset.

  • Medium compression is appropriate for medium-sized files. The results are excellent.
  • Strong compression is available on the iTop PDF software. It is reserved for VIP users. A strong level of compression is preferred for small-size files. It offers good-quality results. 

Click on Compress PDF

Step 4: Download the file

The online tool will compress the PDF file according to the settings. You can download and save the updated version to your computer.

Why compress a PDF?

Size and Quality 

The primary reason to compress a PDF is to reduce its size. The small size is easier for emails and other online platforms. However, the user must pay close attention to the quality. A PDF file’s structure may change depending on the tool. iTop PDF does not compromise on quality and provides excellent results.

Understanding the process

Each compression tool has a unique algorithm. It will find areas in the document that need to be compressed. The algorithm searches for visual elements that are transformed with fewer pixels. Unfortunately, a compressed file cannot be expanded or reversed into the original format. Therefore, keep a backup.

The Bottom Line

iTop PDF is an excellent tool for reducing PDF size. The tools are available in multiple languages for easy interaction. Download the trial version today to experience the features.