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How To Root Samsung Using Odin (2021 Guide)

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Odin is a utility tool that lets developers and tech enthusiasts develop in a Samsung Android System. This is a free tool that is used to do advanced system alterations such as flashing of stock firmware. 

Odin has various versions and keeps updating as the Samsung phones are getting newer versions of Android. It is rumored that Odin was leaked by Samsung Developers, as it was only used for mobile phone repair shops and Samsung employees.

If you want to root your phone, the best way to do it is with the help of Odin. Rooting is a complex procedure, please be aware of it and only perform specific actions only if you are confident that those are safe to execute. 

We will guide you on how to root your Samsung phone using the latest Odin USB drivers. Odin supports every latest Samsung device which is compatible with its version. 

Things to be aware of regarding Odin 

Odin’s latest versions are necessary if your phone was just released. On older versions, the latest Odin is not of uttermost importance, as it is compatible pretty much with all versions. So be aware to only get the latest Odin software if you have one of the recent Samsung flagships.

As we discussed earlier, Odin also updates itself as the new generation of mobile phones gets launched into the market. Make sure to constantly check for the latest version if you want to be safe.

As for now, Odin v3.13.1 is the latest version of the Odin tool. In this version, the tool is all upgraded which will be needed for your latest technology phone for a more compatible flash upgrade or rooting your device. 

Follow the steps given below, these steps are instructions for rooting your Samsung device properly.

How to root Samsung device with Odin on Windows?

Odin application is a one-click application and works on a basis of a one-click mechanism system. It will root your Android devices automatically, all you need to do is follow on-screen instructions. Odin tool is special because it is not like any other tool and works completely differently on all mobile models.

Root your Samsung devices with a root package using a PC or any other monitor device but we recommend you to use a PC to root your device. Also, it is compulsory to have Windows PC, not a macOS or Linux tool because you are updating an Android device and the Windows OS system is the best for Samsung.

If you try to do it directly by mobile, then the device will fail or it will be only a waste of time for you because the software doesn’t allow such downloads of mobile phones and only allows the package installation through windows PC.

  •    Step 1

This is the most important step in the process or else you can’t proceed further.

Download Samsung USB drivers for Odin and install them on your PC and make sure it is running well.

Allow all permission for the USB access so the device will transfer all the data to your phone.

Remember, always backup your whole data. If anything goes wrong then it will cost you the data which was present on your phone.

Charge your phone as this process will take time and battery power too.

  •    Step 2

Download Samsung Odin on your PC and extract the file, if you are not able to do it then download an extractor to do so.

  •    Step 3

Click on Odin exe. And open it as an administrator. 

  •    Step 4

Select PDA /AP and then proceed to unzip the auto root file.

  •    Step 5 

In the list only select F.Reset Time and then Auto reboot. 

  •    Step 6 

Switch your device to the download mode by using the volume and power key.

  •    Step 7

Connect your device with the PC with the help of a USB. Now, Odin will get connected to your device and your phone is getting rooted.

  •    Step 8 

Well, it’s done now, your phone will restart now and use all features which rooted devices have.

Samsung USB Driver For Odin

We all know that Samsung is a leading manufacturer of android phones and tablets and commercializes many different types of electronics. There are some people who have been looking for their USB drivers to use with Odin. This article should help you find your driver so that you can download it to your computer or laptop.

What do we do if USB driver doesn’t work?

We have a solution for you if your Samsung USB driver is not working. The Samsung USB drivers for Odin might be needed to enter into download mode on your device. Download the latest drivers from Google or Samsung’s official website and install them with ease,

by following these instructions: 

  • Extract the firmware zip file that came with this guide. 
  • Open ODIN3_v4.70.exe (or any other version of odin). 
  • Click on “PDA” and choose “AP” then select “AP_SAMSUNG_USB-Driver-for-Odin”. 
  • Once the installation completes, click on “Start.” 
  • Your phone will now reboot in download mode which means it’s time to