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How To Secure Your Device From Harmful Programs

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Recently, especially dangerous malicious programs are those that spy on the user’s computer or smartphone. Such software can, for example, record a signal from a webcam, collect sensitive data from a user’s PC, steal passwords, or pass on your correspondence to third parties. The consequences of such actions can be much worse than if the virus damages files on your computer. There are many spy programs and applications which allow you to get any information you want. With their help, you may, for example, spy on Telegram messages, despite the fact that Telegram is considered to be the safest messenger. That is why you should know how to secure your privacy online.

Signs That Malware Software Is On Your Phone 

Most spyware programs for smartphones have the function of masking your stay on the smartphone. Programs may exclude themselves from the list of applications, not showing their activity during periods of phone use. Many antivirus programs can detect such software. To protect against spyware and malware, you should make it a habit to run a full scan of your phone once a week or set it to run automatically on schedule. The main features of such programs’ presence on the phone can be:

  • braking the mobile phone;
  • rapid battery discharge;
  • unjustified consumption of Internet traffic;
  • change settings without confirmation by the owner of the gadget (the main sign of the presence of unwanted software);
  • enable Wi-Fi, mobile internet, or geolocation even when disabling these options manually;
  • unexpected notifications, including bugs in programs.

How Your Smartphone Is Spying on You

Is it possible to find out whether your smartphone is spying on you and how to protect yourself from it? First of all, remember that the first time you turned on the purchased gadget, you agreed to the terms of use of its software by checking the box “I have read and agreed to the terms.” But did you read them carefully?

Return to the start page and read again. Most likely, you will find there, among other things, the right of the smartphone manufacturer to receive a huge amount of telemetry information. For example, there may be a function to record all the buttons you have ever pressed on the standard keyboard of this particular smartphone. In this case, the feature becomes a good target for authors of various spyware programs. But how, without special knowledge, to find out which applications and programs secretly control you and receive information from you? Remember that you trust the keyboard, camera, and microphone all your virtual life – along with correspondence, passwords, and other secrets. That is why it’s primarily on you how you care about your online security.

How To Avoid Spyware On Your Own

There are several simple but crucial pieces of advice that may secure your gadgets from harmful software that may steal your data.

  • Do not allow other people to use your smartphone. If you charge your smartphone from a source in a public place, make sure the adapter is powered by the mains, and there are no additional electronic devices on the cable.
  • Follow general anti-phishing rules: do not follow links in emails and messengers; keep your antivirus on your computer and smartphone, and update it regularly.
  • Carefully study the reviews and ratings of the programs you are going to download to your device.
  • Do not use Jailbreak (root access, superuser rights, etc.) on your phone. The benefits of this are incomparable to the threats to privacy.
  • Check the security settings of your device for permission to install programs from unknown sources. Unable to download programs from unknown sources.
  • Remove all unnecessary or unnecessary programs to make it easier to navigate processes and control your device.
  • Update your smartphone regularly. If your gadget is not updated and its support is completed by the manufacturer, it’s time to change it for security.
  • Change passwords regularly.


In such a way, your personal security online highly depends on your personal “hygiene” online while using smartphones or other gadgets. RealSpyApps warns internet users that there are many malefactors who are eager to penetrate your personal data on your gadgets and use it either against you or in order to receive some benefit from it. That is why always pay attention to any tiny nuances or changes with your smartphones. Your attentiveness may save your privacy.