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How to Select the Best Clipping Path Company for your Photo Editing Jobs

A clipping path company, also known as photo editing services company, offers wide range of photo editing related services. Wide range of people and companies utilize their services on a daily basis. Whether you are an individual requiring to remove some elements from an image, or a commercial photographer working on client’s product images, you can call upon the services of a clipping path company. 

If you are an individual needing a single image editing, you can go with just about any clipping path company. No need to go on an extensive search for a one-time job. If you are however a commercial client needing clipping path work on a regular basis, you will need to do your due diligence finding the right company to work with. 

Below are some of the industry standard practices to follow for hiring a clipping path company. 

Ask for a Free Trial

First thing you should do is to ask for a free trial. Any legitimate clipping path company will accommodate your request. If any company or freelancer says no, stays far away from that person or from that company. 

A legitimate Professional photo editing service provider will in fact insist on offering free trial proactively. This is the way they can prove their photo editing skill. They will ask you to send a few sample files with edit instructions. Edited files will be returned to you for your review and feedback. This is a great way to judge the creative skill of the professional photo editing service provider. 

Measure the level of communication

Communication is the key to any business relationship. It is even more important for virtual business. You need to make sure you and your clipping path company are on the same page on your photo editing projects. Your outsourcing partner needs to understand your edit requirements and need to deliver based on your requirements. If you have hard time getting your message across or if you keep getting wrong edits, you need to look for another company to work with. You simply do not have the time get back and forth with your clipping path company every single time. Effective communication therefore is extremely important. 

Accurate clipping path delivery

If you are a commercial client, you will require high end editing. Your clipping path editing therefore needs to be very accurate. No cutting corners can be accepted. You need to make sure the company in question uses Photoshop hand tool to draw the path. If anyone cuts corner by using magic wand or some photo editing AI tool, you cannot accept this type of low-grade job. 

Negotiate the price

If everything checks out till this point, it’s time to negotiate the price. There is a golden rule, you get what you pay for. You are expected to pay the right price for the job. If you are looking for quality photo editing, it will have its own price. A professional photo editing services company usually will have higher cost than individual freelancers. Cost of photo editing will vary based on volume. If you have high volume, make sure you tell your outsourcing partner about the monthly quantity. This way you will get the best pricing possible.