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How to Sell Bitcoin- What You Should Know

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Most often, exchangers are used to cash out Bitcoins. These are services where you can buy or sell the most popular digital coins for fiat money. This method is most often chosen primarily for its speed, convenience, and safety. Now an increasing number of people have become owners of cryptocurrencies since this topic is heard and arouses great interest in society.

Sales methods

There are several main options for where to sell bitcoins:

  • online services for the exchange of cryptocurrency;
  • trading platforms (exchanges) of digital currencies;
  • P2P exchanges;
  • specialized ATMs and terminals;
  • sale directly to individuals.

The easiest and most convenient way to sell bitcoins is through a cryptocurrency exchange. This is a place where thousands of traders gather and exchange cryptocurrencies at the current rate. Exchanges differ in different rules for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies, and you need to read them carefully before registering on the exchange. On the exchange, bitcoins can be sold for fiat money or exchanged for another cryptocurrency. Often, the second method turns out to be more profitable because the altcoin rate can grow faster.

To sell bitcoins on an exchange, it is sometimes not enough just to register on it. To carry out transactions with real money, the exchange may require verification, i.e., verify the user’s identity. After confirmation, additional functions of the exchange become available to users, often including buying and selling cryptocurrency using a bank card. Thanks to this, the trader will never again have any questions about where to sell bitcoin, he will be able to withdraw money to his bank account in a matter of minutes.

Major cryptocurrency exchanges

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is one of the new platforms for working with digital coins, which has been quite successful and active in the market since 2017. Low commissions, high productivity, the ability to work with professional trading tools for advanced technical analysis of the market, a convenient mobile version of the terminal – all this distinguishes binance from competitive resources.

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been successfully operating on the market since 2011, is today one of the most popular platforms for trading coins among traders worldwide. Kraken is one of the ten best such resources, ranking first in terms of the trading volume of the BTC / EUR pair and 7th in terms of daily turnover. The company gained great popularity since it pays great attention to the quality of service and safety issues.

Coinbase is one of the most popular digital coin resources among traders, offering the user free, reliable crypto wallets and a functional platform for full-fledged currency trading. Informative official website, quick withdrawals, professional support managers, etc. – all these factors make interaction with the platform comfortable.

To profit from cryptocurrencies, you need to not only have digital gold but also know how to sell it on time. By themselves, the coins have practically no value and turn into profit only when it is possible to exchange them for real money. Therefore, every participant in the cryptocurrency market should know how to sell bitcoin profitably.