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How To Skyrocket Your Blog’s Traffic With These Seven Tricks

The journey to a successful, highly visited blog is paved with obstacles. Months can pass with seemingly no progress or new readers. There are many techniques out there that can be highly hit or miss, but the following seven are some of the most tried and tested out of the bunch.

1. Promote Through Social Media

If you’ve already acquired a large social media following, it won’t be difficult to introduce your blog to many people at once. Every time you write a new post, share it through as many platforms as possible (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.). This way, more potential readers will see it and possibly share it, which will further increase your outreach to the followers of your followers and so on. Make sure to add a compelling summary along with the link for better results.

2. Write Catchy Titles

A good first impression can determine whether a person will visit your post or not. Since the titles are the initial thing that readers see, you want to make sure that they’re clear, concise and ideally, SEO optimized. Give a sneak peek of what they can find in the article – it’s not wrong for it to be a little clickbaity as long as there’s no false information provided. Define how you can provide helpful information and use simple, easily understandable words. Added numbers/statistics have also proven to be quite effective.

3. Add Photos

Slapping down a plain wall of text against a blank background can get tiring to the eyes very quickly. Visit a couple of professional websites and you’ll notice that they have images interpolated throughout the articles. This is crucial if you want to keep the readers entertained, as well as give them some breathing room between different sections of the text. Their placement should make sense and every single image has to have some connection to the overall theme of the article.

4. Include Subtitles with Audext

Video content is a great supplement to the usually monotonous blog posts. They add a whole new level of interactivity, but their reach can be limited. In many cases, people are located in areas where they can’t be loud or attract attention. This is where an alternative method of consuming information comes into play – subtitles.

Unfortunately, transcribing all the dialog can be difficult and time-consuming. Audext is audio to text converter hat automates the hard work and provides a neatly formatted textual output in just a fraction of time. Since each line of text comes prefixed with the appropriate speaker’s name, nothing has to be added manually. If, however, you want to insert a bit of your own personal touch, you can do so through Audext’s built-in, online text editor. Afterward, it’s only a matter of converting the .TXT file to a corresponding .SRT format.

5. Incorporate Keywords

Adding relevant keywords in appropriate spots highly affects the overall placement of your website on the Google’s search results. Since most of the people simply look through the top few links, you’ll ideally want to be in the top three. Read over some of the more successful websites in your niche and take note of the words that seem to appear often. Additionally, Google has its own tool – Keyword Planner – that can show you phrases relevant to the one that you inputted. This way, you can see how competitive they are, as well as the average amount of monthly searches for them.

6. Implement Social Sharing Buttons

When someone finds your post to their liking, chances are that they’ll be too lazy to share it manually. Copying the link, logging in and starting a new post can be quite a tedious process. Social sharing buttons simplify this task into a one-click action. These are usually placed at the end of the article, represented by small logos of the corresponding platform. All that the reader has to do is click the button and post a pre-written summary along with the link to your blog post, which takes no more than a few seconds.

7. Invest In Promotion

Even something as simple as a shout out from a popular influencer can give you a significant boost in traffic. These services often come at a certain price, which varies depending on how significant and long-term you want them to be. They range from $20 to a couple of thousand dollars and it’s always best to start with the cheaper options to see what kind of results you’ll get. Don’t stick to only one person – try out different approaches and see how you can get more bang for your buck.