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How to Start a Freelance SEO career?

There are many reasons for which you can start a freelancing career. From having more income to flexible working hours, freelancing can be of great help for you. SEO freelancing is about learning and developing relevant skills of Search Engine Optimization and finding clients who will pay you for optimizing their sites.

Though it may sound very easy, SEO is not very easy and the initial growth in the field is very slow. Firstly a certified SEO expert is always preferred so completing courses related to SEO can be of great help. You can find plenty of SEO courses online that will not only help you to develop a new set of skills but will also help you to understand the importance of SEO in the field of digital marketing. 

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Initially, gaining more and more knowledge about the field is very important if you are starting as a freelancer. Hard work and constant determination are a must in the field. There are certainly other factors that will surely help you to boost your career. Some of them are as follows,

  • Boost up your skills: As mentioned above, it is always better to enroll in a course that will help you to develop a great sense of the field. You should know the algorithms of different search engines and the basics of optimizing a site.
  • Writing Skills: Writing skills are very important in the field as they will certainly help you while writing descriptions, meta-descriptions, titles, and other components of a website that are crucial for SEO.
  • Building up your network: TO start off with your career, you would need clients. This is the reason you would need a good network to increase your reach so that you can get more and more potential clients.  
  • SEO Tools: SEO tools are very important and will make your work easy. Being skilled in using these tools will not only help you but the results will make the clients happy too. Many courses are also offered about various SEO tools that you can use.
  • Analytical Skills: SEO experts are supposed to present detailed reports to the clients about the performance of the site. Google analytics, SEMRUSH, etc. will help you to make these detailed reports. One should be familiar with these tools before starting with a freelance career in SEO.
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines: One should know the Google webmaster guidelines, which are the set of quality standards that are important for ranking a website. 

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These are just a few fields that you need to work on before starting a career in SEO. SEO experts play a major role in the ranking of a website that directly influences the reach and profits of the company or businesses. If you want to start a career in this field, it is strongly recommended for you to opt for a course that will help you understand how SEO works.

If you are really passionate about the internet and tech-savvy, you can opt to be an SEO expert. You just need to find your first client! Or try to find freelance job project here 

If you are really passionate about the internet and tech-savvy, you can opt to be an SEO expert. You just need to find your first client!