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How to Start Gaming with Cryptocurrency

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With the world of crypto continuing to grow at a great pace, we’re surrounded by mentions of popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. There are also more currencies emerging like Floki who are taking a new approach to crypto. If you were wanting to buy Floki, you’d only need to head to their site to discover how easy it can be. The impact of crypto is also having a huge effect on the gaming industry, offering players the chance to win money in the form of cryptocurrency. Many of the popular games are based on the Ethereum blockchain, requiring you to buy Ether in order to take part; you can use an exchange platform to convert your money and there are plenty of options to choose from which are tailored to different national currencies and payment methods.

To keep your Ether safe and secure, a digital wallet is a preferred method of storage, such as PayPal, Apple Wallet or even an offline hardware device if you would prefer. Some games even have their own built in wallets which you’ll be able to use to store your currency as well as any game items you may have collected.

Choosing a crypto game to play

Once you’re ready to get going, it is time to find a game to invest in. With the industry being an up and coming one, it can be common to see bugs and glitches on the way so the gaming experience may not be as smooth as you hoped. Although it can bring challenges on the way, getting involved in crypto gaming during its infancy stage will mean you are a huge part of the journey and will benefit from being part of a smaller community. 

The most popular cryptocurrency games out there in the blockchain is CryptoKitties, being simple and easy to use for a whole host of demographics. To put it simply, the game consists of buying and raising a digital cat which is unique to you and will allow you to either breed it to produce kittens or sell it. Depending on the market, the value of your cat will go up and down, with cats ranging from 20 USD all the way to 117,000 USD. 

There are a huge variety of games out there to choose from, allowing you to explore the blockchain to find what suits you. Crypto Countries allows you to buy countries on the world map and bid for land whereas CryptoBots and Ethermons are a more fictional games where you can train, fight and trade virtual creatures.

Whichever game you choose, the overarching theme is the collectible element. Every player has a different experience and depending on how you choose to approach the game, the opportunity to grow your crypto investment will offer endless possibilities. Being a lucrative way to encourage players to buy into blockchain whilst having fun, the market is rapidly growing as more and more people get involved. Although the gaming world keeps you hooked with the addictive nature of the virtual gaming world, you are able to gain assets which can be resold in the marketplace, investing in an unconventional way which suits your personal preferences.