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How to Stop an Avast Browser From Opening on Startup

Avast Application arrives through Avast, another of the famous antivirus designers. There is no question whether Avast is among the most vital apps available. However, there have been occasions of people indicating that perhaps the Avast software tends to load at boot, which could be somewhat distracting.

To maintain user safety and privacy, Avast’s software is fantastic; however, some people would prefer to be using a browser window. An irritating part, though, that bugged a majority of things while using the website. To make this situation worse, consumers have claimed that Avast’s software will open automatically onto their Computer computer when they startup. Furthermore, we should remind you throughout this process we talk about about the ways to prevent Avast Application from starting at the restart. Also of note is how to stop programs from running at Mac startup.

Why the users favor stopping the Avast software?

Several users claim that Avast launches and activates an Avast Safe Application and demands to access bookmarks with its regular tabs without appropriate permissions. What is far more troubling is that although soon as Windows begins, it activates. 

Even amongst Avast supporters, these have developed a sense of doubt, and most have even disabled the software for the threat of a computer virus. In such situations, consumers may also follow an alternate program, including such Kingpin, which does not operate via default but does not save user data, in addition to reducing the operating system from loading automatically.

How can you stop Avast from Settings in the browser?

Adjust the browser settings seems to be an effective way to avoid the window from loading. Open a web browser and select the three dots, mostly on the top right corner of the screen.

It will start the new web browser Menu button. Second, scroll to the bottom, and the label that states,’ On Launch’ will be found. The choice ‘Avast App works automatically whenever a device starts’ is displayed below. 

This feature is possibly available if another tab begins on its own. Before everything, there is a slider bar. To remove the part, simply slide this one to the left.

Avast > Settings > On Startup > Launch Avast browser automatically when your system starts > slide left to disable

The concern would be disposed of by all this. It is the most effective approach because it operates from both windows and macOS that several individuals can use.

How you disable the browser by the Task Manager?

Although using settings in the task manager is yet another way to enable the application effectively. That’s the location with all startup software to be found. Launch a task manager by keeping down Ctrl + Shift + I continuously. Users can notice several sections in the task manager, such as Efficiency, Application History, and then UI failed to load.

To view a list of almost all applications that start whenever the system starts, the press also on the Startup tab. Go over to the link for Avast Safe Application and right-click upon this. Click ‘Disable’ instead. To avoid it at boot, uninstall it on here. That means, only after you open this could cause the application load.

How to uninstall the Avast app from the Control Panel?

A database of any programs running on that device can also be found throughout the Control Panel, and disabling that from here decided to delete this from that system. Whenever they see an unprompted program and disable it, most clients worry. They can also delete Avast from either the control panel if you’d like to disable the Avast application. If you’d like to be used, users can download it later.

    1. Move to the Control Panel
    2. Then chose to get the program uninstalled.
    3. Try to ensure you have to choose the Avast app but not the Avast Virus Protection application.
    4. Disable the Avast application since tapping on it. You will be guided to measures.
    5. Pick Continuing and Delete

Is Avast reliable software essential?

Avast Reliable App is excellent software. However, you don’t need it. By using any specific software with very many plugins, users will accomplish the same performance.

Can users disable Avast secure software?

Yeah, users can disable Avast reliable Browser directly from the App settings, just like every other program.


The Avast Safe Software is convenient, but it assumes over most of the process and attempts to monitor a computer’s settings. It might have mistakenly activated this function whether it constantly opens at the restart. And as well as, this might have been updated together with the program for Avast Antivirus. The application can, furthermore, be programmed to start on control but can also be deleting.

Try changing to a personal app like Kingpin to prevent messing with settings and risking unexpected damage to your Computer. It disables cookies and histories and avoids searching from being slowed by caching. Plus, both Windows and macOS are accessible and therefore beneficial for many people.