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How to Survive the Working Place as a Millennial

Millennials have the privilege of having been born in a world of revolutionary technologies. However, nothing in life is a sea of roses and being a millennial is quite challenging in a world where it seems like everything is taken and all ideas are conceived.  In a system full of working opportunities and brand new careers in the professional sector, there are deeperdangers to being a working millennial.

One of the characteristics of this generation is the startup and the changed idea of how business and entrepreneurship works. Nevertheless, the ‘old guard’ still exists in a strong way. The traditional business structure is not a fan of Millennial attitudes. Bosses and executives have reservations towards the new wave force of millennials in the working market. The ‘old guard’ praises the fact that these youngsters are wildly Internet-savvy, but it also considers them as self-centered and chronically prone to over sharing.

Due to this reality, here are a few coordinates to be wise in your working place:

This isn’t about you
Most of millennials use this sentence, at least once in their lives. When you start at your first job it is important to keep the ego-controlled. You are not the ‘big one’ anymore and you are about to start in a working place where it just not you who works there. There are other people with more experience than you and, even if their studies aren’t as many as yours, the experience is a plus in someone’s career. At the beginning of the job, it doesn’t matter what you did in your master thesis. Your degree might have gotten you the profession, but you are now answering to the needs of a company and a boss. Most of the millennials confess that achieving a leading position in their careers is something mandatory. However, not forgetting
that you grow step by step will make you stick to your own ground and position.

Old but not bad
Learning the past to take advantages of the future. A solid and well-based company has a history that can teach you lessons. The structures of the businesses have been established for a while, in some cases, but that doesn’t imply something is wrong or out of date. The good old way of trial and error makes the companies what they are, but also their professionals. Getting the best things about the old and new and mixing them together is the professional smartness.

“Patience is a virtue”
Back to the old times, we remind you of a saying that grandparents tend to use a lot: “Patience is a virtue”. For those who know and master the art of waiting, big success might be just by the distance of a corner. Millennials are so accustomed to instant everything that being patient might be one of their biggest challenges. However, to keep on crawling towards the direction you want to reach, you have to hold your horses and know how to use time in your favor.

Small things are the greatest
Don’t expect to be attributed to big and important tasks immediately when you start your new and first job. Take all the tasks that are requested to you as serious as you can. While the tasks you are concluding might be far from your bigger aspirations, they are the laying foundation of it. If you are able to prove yourself to the small things, you will also prove to yourself and others you are able to succeed with the big ones. A person who wants to succeed must know that it takes the proper time to get there, step by step. Those that are nowadays at the top of their positions have also been in the bottom of work before. Being patient, diligent and committed are the three keys to achieve your goals.