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 How To Track A Phone Location?

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Why do we need a phone tracker?

It’s always very frustrating when your phone and device is stolen or maybe lost. Now there are many technologies and resources using which you can track any device and find them. Phone trackers are also required so that you can keep an eye on your children’s mobile phones and they give you all the information. You can conveniently use them for your family’s safety. 

By using phone trackers you know the location of your dear ones and check if they are safe or not. If your family member is traveling and you want to know her location, you can use phone trackers applications so that you know her location and are able to reach her in case of any inconvenience. In many areas there are pickpockets and they can steal your phones but now you can track your devices easily and know their location.

How to track your phone’s location

People sometimes don’t understand how to make use of phone tracking so here are some tips on how to track a phone

There are many apps for android devices on the play store to track the phone location and you can easily use them. 

For Apple’s iOS devices the application is already downloaded in the mobile phone you can turn it on and use it easily.

Ways to track your phone

There are many ways to track a phone  and some of them are given below for Apple’s iOS devices.

For Apple’s iOS devices:

To find your stolen or lost device you first make an account on or use the FIND MY APP first you turn on find my app and then you choose the device app and then select that device u want to see the location on the map.

For android devices:

Android devices can also be tracked easily without any data connection.  All you need to do is go to, and make an account and then sign in to your Google account. Finally, you need to click on the lost phone option where the lost mobile phone gets the notification on the map and then you will get the location of the lost phone. In this way, you can expendably find your device.

However, there are many other apps for android mobile phones to track the device some of them are listed below

One of the most used applications is panspy which is very user friendly and easy to use and track the location of your device straight away. The other is as following;

  1. Spyzie
  2. Glympse

3.Family Locator GPS Tracker

4.Find My Device

You can easily use these apps and track your mobile phone location instantly.


If you want to track the location of your child you can use the family link app. It is very easy to use by turning on the required settings to check your children location. It might take a little time to show the location of your child but yet it is very useful to use. These tracking devices can take you out of the big trouble they are very easy to use and very useful.