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How to Understand Managed IT Services in the Simplest Way

Technology is an essential part of every business. While every company has different needs, when it comes to a managed IT service there is no one size fits all approach. Here we look at the basic aspects of an IT Managed service to see how it can help your company be more efficient, productive, and support your workforce.

What is a Managed IT Service?
One IT Support Canberra expert states that, in a nutshell, a Managed IT Service is an outside company that helps maintain and repair the software, hardware, security systems, networks, and communication systems that your company needs to run your business. It includes everything from updating and fixing computers, to running security systems to protect your data.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of managed IT Services Mississauga is that you have an expert team of professionals monitoring your systems and ready to help when you have an issue. You also have a team working to upgrade and expand your company productivity and ensure security.

Other Benefits:

Scalability – With managed IT services BrantTel your technology can scale up or down as your company adapts and expands. If you downsize, you won’t be stuck paying for computers and hardware you don’t need, and if you expand, you won’t need to purchase additional technology.

Fixed Cost – with managed IT you know your fixed costs every month and what is included. With other models it is hard to predict when machines or systems will break down and need repair, leading to high bills and unpredictable expenses.

Minimal Downtime – because you have experts monitoring your system 24/7 the time it takes to find an issue and fix the problem is reduced. You also have access to an expert team that is up to date on the latest technology and who can get your system back up and running asap.

New Technology – investing in new technology can be expensive and a lot of work, especially when it requires retraining your staff. With a managed IT service your technology upgrades are a part of your monthly fee and you have experts on call who understand how to operate these new systems.

Data Compliance – if you store customer information, or take online payments from customers, or store employee information, your business is required to follow data security regulations. It is vital to understand and follow these regulations or your company can risk security breaches and face large fines.

A managed IT Service team understands the complexity and requirements of these regulations and will make sure your systems and security meet the required guidelines and regulations.

Things To Watch Out For

When considering IT Management companies you want to be sure to do your homework. The first thing is to understand what your needs are as a company and then to find the best company to support those needs. If you are a two-person start-up you will not need the same kind of coverage as a 50 person team.

Find out exactly what services they offer and only pay for the ones you need. Be aware of flat rates and what services are considered extra or cost additional fees. Another question to ask is about their help desk and what their hours are like. The company should have a 24/7 help desk because as everyone knows, technology doesn’t sleep and you may find yourself with a tech issue at 3 am on a Sunday night.