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How To Use UNLOCK PDF Tool?

PDF(PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT) is the most renowned file to transfer digital documents keeping their original layout the same. Not only this, but it also provides passwords to protect the documents from being copied, printed or downloaded. It’s true that securing PDF is very important. People have been using passwords for safeguarding their documents going in the wrong hands. But sometimes it becomes very important to edit some documents but users cannot do this because of the document being password protected pdf. Other than that signed PDF files are always protected with a random password so the information cannot be altered. And thus editing them becomes a trouble. Are you stuck in the same situation? There are some manual and professional solutions discussed below.


Open “GOOGLE DRIVE” in Google chrome. Add your file that needs to be unlocked in Google drive. Either you can drag it inside or select “NEW” and click “FILE UPLOAD” to get your desired file being added in Google drive. As you will double click your file in drive, it will ask for a password to view its contents. Once you see your document opened press “Ctrl P” and a printing tab will pop out. Now look for “DESTINATION” and click on “change”. From a list of several ways to change destination, you must click on “SAVE AS PDF”. Save it by clicking on the blue “SAVE” button. Woah! Your document is now saved in your computer that can be edited, modified and printed now.


This will be helpful for only those who have paid for Adobe Acrobat. So for those who have it, let’s continue. Click on “file”. Select your document from the list or from the “recently viewed” area. As you select your document it will appear on Adobe Acrobat asking for a user password. Add the password and you are good to go. On the upper left hand side, click on the lock shaped image. Click on “SECURITY SETTINGS” and then permission details. From the security method box, select no security. Lastly, give your password again. Press OK twice and congratulations your PDF is now unlocked.


Coming to the last method that is going to be demonstrated is unlocking through SODA PDF. Here you will firstly search for this website. Click here: Click on the green button to choose a file. Select your file and open it. Add the user password in the box that appeared on the screen. Select the green “UNLOCK” button and your file encryption will be removed. Here they will ask for “VIEW AND DOWNLOAD IN BROWSER”, check the box under it and the file will be saved as you confirm the download. Now you can use the PDF file it in computer without a password.

The above methods will surely help you to unlock PDF file making daily life surrounded with several locked files, easy to use.