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How to Watch the Barcelona GameLive? Top 5 Best Live Streaming Sites You Should Know

If you’re a die-hard FC Barcelona fan, you won’t want to miss my list of the greatest live streaming platforms to watch Barcelona live in this review.

FC Barcelona has long been a favorite of mine. However, I find it difficult to watch this team’s games on television. As a result, I’ve chosen to invest in live streaming platforms so that I can easily watch Barcelona game on the internet. I’ve tested the following live streaming sites and would like to recommend them to you based on my own experience. I believe this knowledge will be quite useful before you make your selection.

Introductions To FC Barcelona

Futbol Club Barcelona, as FC Barcelona is also called, is the full name of the club. Since its inception in 1899, it has been Spain’s premier football club. Fans regard the club as a national icon of Catalan culture. The team won dozens of titles during the tournament including La Liga live, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de Espana, Copa de la Liga, Copa Eva Duarte and more than 20 titles from the world’s top leagues such as the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup. The team has increased its ratings over the seasons by bringing in quality players such as Emerson Royal, Eric Garcia, Sergio Aguero and Memphis Depay. Let’s anticipate the club’’s major achievements in the upcoming seasons.

Best Live Football Streaming Sites For Watching Barcelona Game

Bingsport is one platform where I enjoy watching live football today and get Barcelona live score. I used to try Bingsport’s free package, but the live sport was constantly interrupted by pop-up adverts. Therefore, I decided to join up for a one-year package that costs roughly $5 each month. When compared to a $9 per month package, the yearly one helps me to save half the money. In addition, I am able to live stream matches from a variety of sports. Furthermore, the streaming quality is excellent with no buffering or freezing. I can easily watch my favorite matches. The interface of Bingsport is exceptionally appealing, professional and user-friendly. However, Bingsport should expand its FAQ section on its website to assist users during use. Aside from that flaw, I think Bingsport is a platform worth considering for following Barcelona FC.

Optus Sport

For a long time, I’ve been using the Optus Sport platform. In my opinion, it has a professional and user-friendly interface. When I first started exploring Optus Sport, I had no problems. I can simply follow Barcelona’s next game by watching thorough tournament schedules. Besides, the graphics on Optus Sport are excellent that offer me a fantastic viewing experience. I also appreciate Optus Sport’s customer service, which offers a comprehensive set of FAQs and detailed responses. Optus Sport’s package, on the other hand, is extremely pricey when compared to other live streaming services. Furthermore, their social media has little involvement, whereas I enjoy keeping up with news about live football matches. Aside from these minuses, I would still suggest this platform to anyone who wants to watch the matches.

Eleven sports

Eleven Sport is a live streaming platform that can be viewed from any location on the planet. In comparison to other platforms, Eleven Sports’ monthly bundle costs around $5 on average. This cost is reasonably priced and suited for most people’s budgets. Not only that, but one of the standout features of Eleven Sports is the ability to effortlessly pause and rewind the content of the live football. I’m not worried about missing any of the Barcelona online. The interface is similarly simple to use and takes little time to master. However, many sports and tournaments are limited to Eleven sports.  If you love the Premier League then you won’t be able to find it on this platform. Furthermore, when compared to other live streaming sites, the visual quality of Eleven Sports is rather low with the highest quality at 1080p. However, for those who want to watch the matches, I would still recommend Eleven Sports.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a terrific way for fans in Australia to watch football online. This platform appeals to me because of its user-friendly interface and 14-day free trial. I recommend that you give it a try before deciding whether or not this platform is right for you. Also, Kayo Sports has good transmission quality and outstanding graphics quality at 1080p in addition to the aforesaid features. If you have any issues while using the service, you can count on Kayo Sports’ excellent customer service. If you need more information, you can access their website and look for commonly asked questions with detailed answers. However, Kayo Sports is only available in Australia so you should think carefully before purchasing this package. 


When it comes to streaming live soccer, Hulu is one of my favorite platforms. A one-week free trial is available on the platform. Furthermore, I get access to over 75 different live sports channels, all of which have outstanding graphic quality up to 4K Ultra HD. Hulu’s user interface is likewise quite professional and user-friendly. Hulu, on the other hand, offers a choice of subscription packages to suit everyone’s budgets and entertainment requirements. There are no hidden fees with these programs and they include a slew of extras. However, I am dissatisfied with their social media. I don’t see much interaction on the site, which is disappointing because I’d like to keep up with the hot tournament news. Despite this flaw, I believe Hulu is a platform well worth the price.


Hopefully, you’ve come up with a few more amazing live streaming platforms for watching football streams. After all, my favorites are Bingsport and Eleven Sports which provide numerous utilities. However, I encourage that you should test their free trial before buying a monthly or yearly package.