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How to Win at Online Slots – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Online slots seem simple. You spin the reels, and you either win or lose, there’s nothing more to it, right?

Well, there’s actually a lot more you can learn to improve your chances of taking home a jackpot payout. So for slot game newbies, here are some must-know tactics that make a difference.

Look for low volatility slot games

Here’s the main thing about slots; they’re designed to ensure that the operator makes a profit, but not all games are created equal. Some have huge jackpots, others have more modest prizes, and it’s this latter group that you need to focus on if you want to win.

The term ‘volatility’ is used to separate slots into three groups, that being low, medium and high. Low volatility slots pay out more often because they have smaller jackpots, and so operators can afford to take this hit and still make money.

As a rule, low volatility games are those without progressive jackpots, and with a smaller number of reels, paylines and symbols. The fewer potential combinations of symbols and paylines, the higher the likelihood you’ll win with each spin.

Use free spins to your advantage

If you want to win money on slots, you’ve got to wager money and risk losing it in the process. However, there are bonuses within games, as well as in the form of new player incentives and returning player loyalty rewards, which eliminate this risk altogether.

Free spins bonuses are the best for playing slots, since they give you a free pass at the next spin, and still allow you to win a prize even though you didn’t wager any of your precious cash in the process.

You can get these bonuses on the top crypto slot casinos, as well as on traditional online casino sites, so there’s plenty of opportunity to bag a win however you prefer to play with free spins up your sleeve.

Get to grips with demo slots first

You’ll find that most online casinos let you play slot games for free, in a kind of try-before-you-buy type setup.

Demo versions don’t pay out actual cash jackpots, of course. But the point is that by getting a feel for a game in this way, you will learn how it works and possibly find your own tactics through experimentation, without this costing you a penny.

Then, when you think that you’re up to speed, you can switch to the full version and start gambling for real.

Know that it’s possible to win with every spin

Here’s something that lots of experienced slot players don’t even realize – there’s no ‘fixed’ time at which games pay out. In fact, having such a system in place would be illegal.

This means that even if the odds are small, you could win on your first spin, or indeed any spin you make.

This is of course a double-edged sword, meaning that it’s more likely you’ll lose on each spin. However, this should prevent you from playing over and over, anticipating that the game must payout soon, because this isn’t how they work.

Play responsibly

Finally, you need to understand that when playing any type of gambling game, you’re statistically unlikely to win more than you lose in the long run.

The responsible thing to do is see it for what it is; a pastime like any other that costs money and gives you hours of entertainment in return. If you happen to hit a jackpot, that’s great, but you shouldn’t bankrupt yourself chasing this dream.

Set a budget, don’t go beyond it, and you’ll have a much better time with online slots, whether you win or you lose.