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How to Write a Dispute Attorney Fees Letter

You must know that hiring an attorney is an expensive matter. Obviously, you will not be agreed to pay more than necessary. Sometimes you may find that you are overcharged, or you are billed excessively by your attorney. At that time, you need to write a dispute attorney fee letter.

I am sure that you one of the victims of your dishonest lawyer. But surely it is not a matter of being worried. You are in the best place for you. Here in this article, you will meet a discussion about the most straightforward way how to write a dispute attorney fees letter. We hope you will like it.

How to write a dispute attorney fees letter

If you feel that your attorney is taking extra payment, you need to write a dispute fee letter. But before that, you should understand the bill well. You should know the full details of the payment from your attorney. You can call him for it if needed. After knowing the full details of your invoice, if you find anything wrong, then you should go for writing a dispute letter. Here we are giving you the step by step process of it. These steps are as follows:

Use a standard format

The first thing you have to maintain when you are writing is using a standard format. You have to write a letter in a standard business format, which appears very formal. Besides, it would be best if you mentioned your name, address, your attorney’s name address, name of his farm, and many other things like these.

At the same time, you must include the address where you are sending the letter. Sometimes your attorney can provide you with an account number or client number for the identification purpose. So, if you get this from your lawyer, you should mention that so that he can quickly identify you.

It is notable that on the subject line you should mention one important thing. That is the date of the bill you are disputing. So, mainly these are the tasks of the very first step of writing a fee dispute letter to your lawyer.

Clarify that you are disputing the fees

Next, you have to begin writing the letter with clarifying that you are disputing the fees or charges you are billed. You should identify the particular date of the bills and mention the charges you are disputing. You can do it by using bullet points. Then you have to give your lawyer a full description of the bill you are disputing and explain why you are doing so. This explanation should be very much reasonable.

Ask for detailed information

In the next step, you have to ask for detailed information about the total accounting of the bill. You have the right to know that in details. Your lawyer should provide you with a full detailed bill. He should mention all the dates of the bills and on that day, what are the services he gave, all the costs, etc. So, if you are not clear about the bills, you have to ask for that in this step. Your lawyer is obliged to provide your required information.

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Propose negotiation

After knowing all the detailed information of your bills, you should have known that what would be the best amount or charge of your attorney. In this step, you have to suggest him to compromise and propose an amount that should be his charge, and you also believe that this is a fair amount for him for the services you have got.

Here you have to be very professional. Explain all the things reasonably so that your attorney can’t refuse your proposal and both of you can be benefited and at the same time satisfied. Avoid insulting him, and don’t complain about anything.

Give a deadline

At the last step of your letter, you should give him a deadline that means give him a fixed time to respond. It can be one week or two weeks.

These are the steps of writing a dispute attorney fee letter. After finishing it, you have to send it through a verified mail. In this method, you will get proof that your attorney received your letter.

Final words

Sometimes you may think or find that your attorney overcharges you. It is ubiquitous. At that time, you should dispute your attorney fees, and for doing this, you have to write a dispute attorney fees letter. But writing a dispute attorney fee letter is not as easy as it seems like.

That is why here we have given you the most comfortable way how to write a dispute attorney fee letter in this article. If you follow our given rules, you will easily be able to write a standard dispute attorney fee letter and ultimately be successful in disputing the fees.