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How to Write a Research Paper – Step by Step Examples

Research Paper writing is the most time-consuming and intensive paper writing type of all kinds of writing. If you think that who can write my research paper, today we will take a look at the ten basic steps needed to write a Research Paper, and hope to help everyone write.

Research Paper is an article that requires authors to conduct in-depth analysis, discussion and obtain meaningful conclusions on a certain problem or phenomenon. Regardless of the format of the paper, the structure and format of research articles are very strict. And compared with the general essay, the theme and content of Research Paper usually need to be established after the author’s research and analysis, which has higher requirements for originality. Regardless of the major or discipline, the quantity and quality of a scholar’s Research Paper are usually one of the most important indicators reflecting academic and research capabilities.

Research Paper Writing: Identify discussion topics

The first step in research paper writing is to determine the topic of the article discussion. Usually, professors will provide various topics in the guideline. Students can choose from these topics. Some professors also allow students to choose other topics outside the guideline. But the basic requirements for various topics are to have practical significance and research value, and room for in-depth analysis. In the early stage of thesis writing, you can choose multiple topics to scrutinize one by one, and its purpose is to lay a good foundation for the final establishment of research topics. If you don’t know which one is the most appropriate, choose the topic that interests you most and encourages you to study in-depth.

Of course, we also need to pay attention to the deadline and page requirements of the paper to ensure that it can be completed within a certain time.

Research Paper Writing: List various questions about research topics

Research Paper template asks questions this step is very important regardless of whether the research topic has been established or at the stage of topic selection. The so-called scepticism is the beginning of thinking, the end of learning, and the reason why research papers are highly praised by academia is that research papers require authors to have strict logical thinking skills and strong critical thinking. To complete a high-quality research article, it is necessary to repeatedly ask questions about the topics or topics that you choose. At the same time, you can investigate other students, sort out their questions on this topic, arrange various problems from shallow to deep, and dig deeper into more obvious problems. In the end, keep a few questions of research value, combined with research topics, as a sub-argument, in-depth study and discussion in the article.

If the research topic has not been set before, through the analysis of various questions in this step, we should be able to finally establish the research topic at this step.

Research Paper Writing: Extensive collection of research information

When the research topic is clear, the first thing to know is whether this topic currently has two opposing sides. If there is, first of all, we need to collect and organize both information. At the same time, for such topics, even if the research focuses on one aspect, the article needs to present the other aspect in order to pursue a balanced and fair argument.

If the subject has multiple angles, you need to analyze each angle before selecting the cut-in angle. At the same time, no matter whether there are opposites or multiple angles, all kinds of information need to be collected to make a preliminary understanding and research on the subject. Obtain relevant information from newspapers, books, magazines, or discussion articles on the Internet. At the same time, sort out the scholars or experts who have conducted in-depth research on this topic, including their representative views and comments on this topic, combine these speeches and views with their own questions about the research topic, and determine the need for in-depth research Expert works.

At the same time, you can also contact these experts to get first-hand information about their research and opinions. Even for many students, this step may sound difficult, but for a research paper, this information is not only an improvement in grades but also an improvement in academic ability. Not to mention not trying, how can you know that it is impossible?

Research Paper Writing: Expert Interview

For students who want to challenge themselves, as we said before, you can try to talk to experts. Usually, we can conduct interviews with experts by telephone or private visits. If we tried to contact the experts for the first time by phone, then we can very simply introduce ourselves and the reasons for the interview. If the other party does not have time now, you can try to make an appointment with them.

Make sure the interview is concise and relevant, only ask questions related to the research, and take notes at the same time. For those conversations that can be cited in the article, be sure to record them accurately. At the same time, it must be noted that if you need to record the interview, you must first obtain the expert’s consent. And all interviews need to be dated.

Research Paper Writing: Collect Internet Resources

Research Paper Template Web resources are undeniable that the information on the network is very rich and the information is very time-sensitive. But if you decide to quote information on the Internet, you must do three things. The first is to identify the authenticity of the information; second, pay attention to the time when the information is published. If it is pure network information, only the most recently published information is cited. Finally, when quoting, you must pay attention to the citation format of this information and indicate the source of the information.