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How to Write a Review Essay About a Film or Play

A review essay is a type of academic paper that teachers assign to find out what students and students think about the book they have read (the movie/play they have seen) and to check their understanding of the work. This essay is similar to a review. 

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Film Review Essay

Some modern teachers realize that today’s young people read little and instead of the traditional book review, they suggest writing a film review essay. Sometimes popular movies of recent years are offered as the subject, but more often they are asked to characterize a film based on a work of fiction.

In order to write a complete and reasoned essay about the film, it is recommended to take notes while you watch it: that way you will save your first impressions of what you have seen.

The outline of a film review essay consists of the following points:

Characteristics of the director and his creative heritage.

Brief information about the work of the original source.

Evaluation of the film: whether it is a retelling of the book or the author’s interpretation.

How the film is similar to the book, and how it differs (what plot lines are omitted or transferred differently, whether the appearance of actors coincides with the description of the characters).

Personal opinion about the film.

Conclusion (how completely the film conveys the artistic basis).

An essay-review of the play

Most often for analysis are also offered plays based on classical works of Russian literature: the plays of A. S. Griboedov, A. N. Ostrovsky, A. P. Chekhov, etc.

Plan of such an essay:

General information about the play: which theater it is based on whose work is staged.

The coincidence/differences of the plot of the play from the original book.

Characteristics of the acting (as the main artistic means of production).

Personal opinion on what has been seen.


You can notice that the plan of the essay-review does not depend much on the object. The main answer to the question “how to write an essay-response?” – Combine a narrative with a reasoned opinion about a book, painting, film, or play.