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How To Write Like An Aussie Writer

English grammar is quite multifaceted and puzzling, in that its foundational rules and language are linked to Latin. For people who want to learn how to write Australian English, or they want to talk Australian, there are some subtle differences you need to know.

For instance, there are differences between Australian vs British accent and American vs Australian words. Knowing how to change the word to and how to talk Australian English, shows a proper integration of these known differences.

For people who need one of the best in Australia essay writing services when it comes to assignment help, it is important to know these differences. They include spelling, punctuation and grammar differences.

*Spelling: Wondering why there is a difference between Australian vs British accent and American vs Australian words? It would interest you to know that most words are spelt differently. They could start the same way but definitely have a different ending. Hence, knowing how to talk Australian English suggests that you take note of these spellings.

Below are common differences when you change the word to Australian English:

Theater= Theatre (er to re)

Pediatrician= Paediatrician (e to ae)

Another spelling difference which you need to know when writing your assignment or professional essay in Australian English is when the end of a verb is “e”, it becomes a noun. When the “e” in the verbal form is dropped by American English, it is retained by Australian English.

Hence, it is “Judgment” and “Judgement” in American and Australian English, respectively, from the root word “Judge”. However, it is not methodical always.

*Punctuation: Another difference in Australian vs British accent and American vs Australian words, is usually punctuation. In times past, Americans utilized the double inverted comma like in the sentence, “He read, slept, woke up and ate”. However, people in Australia do not write like this.

Another major difference when you change a word to Australian English is, single quotes are used for a quote within a quote for Americans. It is different for Australian English, as a double quote for a quote inside a quote is used.

For instance,

American: He said, “Mary said, ‘Go to my place now’”.

Australian: He said, ‘Mary said, “Go to my place now”’.

When you look at the above example, you will see another difference in the handling of quotations by Australians and Americans.

*Grammar: When it comes to verb agreement and collective nouns handling, there is a difference between Australian vs British accent and American vs Australian words. The verb remains singular in American, while it could either be singular or plural in Australian, and this depends on the importance of context. Below is an example of how to talk Australian when it comes to Grammar.

American: The school team is losing

Australian: The school team is/are losing

Also, in learning how to change a word to Australian English, you need to know that the verbs “take” and “have” are used differently.

American: I’d love to take a nap

Australian: I’d love to have a nap

Also, in learning how to talk Australian, you need to know that past participles are sometimes different between Australian and American English. For instance, burned and burnt are used in American and Australian English, respectively.

*Dates, Times and Measurements: The order for dates using the American system is day/month/year, while for Australian, it is month/day/year. The 12-hour clock is used in American, while in Australian, the 24-hour clock is used.

In addition, the metric system is used in Australia, so you will need to convert from inches, ounces, feet, miles and pounds, all in American, to metrics.

One feature which sets a writer apart from other writers in terms of excellence is the ability to be vast in the usage of the available varieties of English. It would be easier for the person to adapt to any given language directive when it comes to writing an essay assignment. You can be sure that the individual would get higher marks than his colleagues who are not well skilled in this act.

Hence, it is essential that in learning how to write like an Aussie writer, you take the necessary precautions and tips into consideration, in order to produce the expected output in your essay.