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Video in Email Marketing: The Best Way to Increase Sales? 

You may have noticed an uptick in the number of videos you’ve received in your recent marketing emails. That’s because video email marketing has become much more popular over the last few years, thanks to the value of embedded video for increasing sales.

But is embedded video in email marketing the best way to increase sales for your brand?

Advantages of Video Email Marketing for Increasing Sales

Embedded video in email marketing has a lot going for it. In case you aren’t familiar, an embedded video in email doesn’t mean just sending a link or a clickable image – the video is actually embedded (and playing) in the body of the email. 

These are just some of the advantages:

  • Simple implementation. One of the great strengths of embedded video is that in the modern era, it’s trivially easy to embed videos in your email campaign. For example, with Viewed, you can upload and host a video, receive a unique code that you copy and paste into your email template and send your email marketing campaign through your usual ESP. You can even create large-scale personalized video campaigns from a .CSV file to impact your subscribers and enhance their user experience. This translates to less time and effort spent on creating email campaigns that convert more.
  • Low costs. Both email marketing and video production are comparatively cheap. When it comes to email campaign management, tools range from free to inexpensive, and if you hire the right crew to produce your videos, you can develop excellent content for just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Even if you only increase sales slightly, you should be able to see an excellent return on investment (ROI) – an ROI up to 40 times better than email without video.
  • Higher engagement rates. Video is consistently measured to be more engaging than other forms of content. There are several possible explanations for this, including the fact that human beings find it easier to process visual information than other forms of information. But whatever the cause, people consume videos more attentively than other forms of content. With videos within the email it is possible to get up to a 170 percent increased CTR in your email campaigns, and up to a 100 percent increase in conversions.
  • Flexible content possibilities. Eighty-five percent of consumers say it is easier for them to connect with their brands through video. Video has the power to connect with emotions, arouse curiosity and persuade viewers. In addition, it is possible to create videos on almost anything. There are no real limits to what type of content you produce or how you position it for your target audience. You can use online tools to create simple, image-based videos, or do something much more advanced – and you can cover any topic in any way. Accordingly, videos are a good fit for any brand.
  • Competitive differentiation. Not all companies are pursuing embedded video and email marketing, despite its engaging potential. That means you have an amazing competitive opportunity; this is your chance to strongly differentiate yourself from other competitors.
  • Repeated opportunities. Email marketing automation is a great advantage when it comes to minimizing costs and efforts, and even more so if you add video to this strategy to awaken the interest of your customers. For example, sending remarketing or cart recovery campaigns with personalized video can help you improve your conversion rate up to 3x more.

How to Boost Sales With Video in Email Marketing

So what strategies can you use to increase sales further with your video email marketing?

  • Send shorter videos. You may be tempted to send long, descriptive video to your recipients, but it’s much better to send shorter videos. Short videos are more appealing, faster and easier to watch, and much more likely to convert.
  • Make your videos high professional quality. Your customers aren’t going to be interested in your video if it looks amateurish or unpolished. Invest in a high-quality videographer to help you create a mini masterpiece.
  • Keep your domain and servers in good standing. That means adhering to best practices for email marketing and avoiding spam. If you fail to do this, your emails could end up getting caught in spam filters – which will significantly reduce your reach and potential conversions.
  • Include “video” in your subject line. Merely including the word “video” is enough to increase your open rate by 19 percent or more!
  • Keep your subject line concise and eye-catching. Without a good subject line, nobody is going to open your email – which means they’ll never get to see your video in the first place. Focus on writing the most compelling, eye-catching subject line you can.
  • Maintain an updated list. Keep your list up-to-date. Regularly purge your list of subscribers who are no longer active and email addresses that are no longer accurate.
  • Segment your list. Segment your list of email subscribers into different groups. This way, you’ll be able to send much more relevant, focused content to each of those groups. Choose the perfect video for each audience and persuade them directly. 

Embedded video in email is inexpensive, easy to set up, and highly engaging for most users, assuming you invest time and money into the quality of your campaign. Whether it’s truly the “best” strategy for increasing sales is somewhat debatable, but there’s no question it has tremendous potential.