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Hulu Home Networking Tips for Live TV Subscribers in 2021

Hulu live TV is well known for offering all popular channels. However, if you live anywhere outside the US, let’s say the UK, you will not be able to access Hulu. So, if you are wondering to unblock the OTT media platform, you will need to use a trusted VPN service.

Once subscribed, you can get access to a huge list of movies & TV shows, along with 70+ live TV channels. Bear in mind though that your home network is a critical factor in determining the local and regional channels available on Hulu for your entertainment.

This article will provide tips and tricks to set Hulu Home Network to get more from Live TV. 

Home Network

The home network is the internet connection which you name as “home” when you sign up for Hulu Live TV.  You will need to set up your home network within 30 days after signing up for Hulu. It makes sure that you can stream local channels and premium add-ons via your favourite devices. 

You can also set or change your home network in just a few easy steps. It is pertinent to mention that Hulu asks to set Home network only if you purchase Live TV plans. Setting up a home network is not required for Hulu basic and Hulu with no ads plans.

Internet Connection Requirement

You are required to use a residential or non-mobile internet connection when you set up your home wireless network. Please keep in mind that mobile data and shared Wi-Fi networking in some places (such as dormitories, office buildings, etc.) don’t meet these criteria. 

If you don’t have a residential internet connection, unfortunately, you will not be able to access Live TV. So instead, we recommended you go for the Hulu (No Ads) subscription plan. 

Network Coverage

You can watch Hulu when you’re away from home using your mobile device. However, all channels and the content like local news and weather you see may vary, depending on your current location. Similarly, for regional sports networks, teams can be different depending upon your location. 

To make sure that you will be able to stream it on the road, with no interruptions, please check-in your mobile device once every 30 days. To check-in, open the Hulu app at least once every 30 days while you are at home. As long as you do this, you will be able to use Hulu on any of your mobile phones, anywhere in the United States. 

If you forget to check-in, you can still access the content from Hulu streaming library, but the Live TV will be unavailable until you check-in. In short, you can stream on Hulu right from your mobile devices while travelling in the united states. 

The Bottom Line

Hulu live TV allows you to access more than 65 channels. Live TV subscribers can use Hulu Home Network to watch all media, including local and regional channels, while on the go. 

The above discussion provides you with all the necessary details about Hulu Home Network. You can also check out Hulu’s latest app features to improve your streaming experience.