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HyperMotion Technology Coming to FIFA 22, 11v11 Match Capture, Machine Learning and More

FIFA 22 is the 29th installment in the FIFA series, which has been added many new features to the gameplay by EA, but there is no change to the currency – FIFA 22 Coins still plays the important role in in-game currency! One of the new features that launched on FUT 22 is the HyperMotion Technology. The HyperMotion Technology has been added to FIFA 22 second-generation platforms by EA, including PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia, which bringing revolutionary football games play to FIFA players.

The new HyperMotion technology includes:

11v11 Match Capture

‘Advanced 11v11 Match Capture’ introduced a new way to simultaneously capture every movement of a whole soccer match with 22 players across the field. According to EA, HyperMotion technology in FIFA 22 is achieved by using Xsens motion capture suits to record data and movement of actual 11v11 football matches. An unprecedented amount of high-quality real interpersonal movement data is generated from this, which drives individual and team actions in FIFA 22.

Machine Learning

EA Sports has added an interesting technique used for animation, called Machine Learning. Machine learning – highly prized in the tech world in terms of its ubiquitous vogue – was also used to take advantage of over 4,000 new player animations gleaned from EA Sports’ first attempt at full motion capture. This kind of technology can learn from more than 8.7 million frames of advanced game motion capture, and then it can write new animations in real time to create a lifelike real football experience.

Real Team Action

In the high intensity competition, the Xsens suit takes down the every touch, interception, sprint and duel of 22 players for the first time! The data that has been recorded by this technology will be used to drive more than 4000 new animations in “FIFA 22” to increase the FIFA 22 gameplay’s competition intense degree, reactivity and physical fitness of every player!

AI with tactical awareness

With a new and powerful player AI, every player can understand offensive and defensive formations and movements easily, and make such as never previously existed tactic. Use this new technology, players better understand their teammates and how to work together, and also better understand opponents’ tactics and movements.

Except for these mentioned technology above, the HyperMotion technology also includes ML-FLOW, Dynamic air scrimmage, Hold the ball calmly & Player humanization. Using these new HyperMotion technologies makes FIFA 22 a new revolution, making FIFA unprecedentedly real, as if being on the scene for players. Do you want to try this new FIFA that full of new elements? If yes, you need a lot of Cheap FIFA 22 Coins to build the ultimate team, the is the best place for you to purchase FUT 22 Coins with lowest price ever!