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Hypoallergenic Cartilage Earrings for Every Occasion

Wearing earrings with sensitive ears can be a challenge. Even when looking for various ideas online, most techniques don’t seem to work. 

If you’ve ever tried to put nail polish on jewelry or use Vaseline with earrings, you know the results are temporary at best. It would help if you had a long-term solution that lets you enjoy every favorite look without worrying about itching, pain, and inflammation. 

Although gold is non-allergenic when it is pure, it is rare to find 24K earrings. What other solutions are available?

An Affordable Cartilage Earrings Alternative from Erica Jewels

Metals like stainless steel, titanium, 925 silver, and surgical steel are all suitable for sensitive ears. If you love wearing hypoallergenic cartilage earrings, these options from Erica Jewels can help you fall in love with your jewelry again.

Several styles are available for your consideration, ensuring you can achieve a beautiful look for any occasion. These tips can help your sensitive ears stay happy when you start shopping for genuine hypoallergenic earrings.

1. Avoid Nickel Products

Unfortunately, you can find lots of nickel earrings available at different jewelry stores today. Manufacturers like this metal because it is more robust and cheaper than most precious metals. About one in four people have an allergy to this metal.

If you have sensitive skin, allergy symptoms can appear in minutes after wearing earrings. You might experience a rash, swelling, and discomfort, even if you’ve never had problems before.

Cartilage earrings made from hypoallergenic metals reduce this risk while maintaining the comfort you expect. 

2. Medical-Grade Metals

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration approves medical-grade titanium for use inside the human body? When earrings are made from this metal, you’ll have attractive options to consider, even with a history of allergic reactions.

Other titanium grades are available, but the medical-grade option is guaranteed free of copper, brass, or nickel.

3. Metal Testing Kits

It can be expensive to replace your entire jewelry collection, even if you can access affordable cartilage earrings and other styles. If you want to know what items can be worn with your sensitive skin, consider investing in a metal-testing kit.

Drop the testing solution on a cotton ball, swipe it against the metal, and see what color appears from the chemical reaction. Then you’ll know what items you can safely wear.

4. Consider Medical-Grade Plastics

Non-metallic items are less likely to create reactions when you have sensitive skin, but this option is typically more for children than adults. Plastic studs with affordable crystals are standard when encouraging the piercing area to heal.

If you want to maintain a minimal appearance as an adult, a hypoallergenic set of cartilage earrings with your preferred design achieves a desirable look! Our inventory offers various options for clovers, flowers, stars, and more so you can confidently express yourself.

5. Avoid Low-Quality Gold

Only 24K gold will not create reactions. Even if you purchase a 22K product, nickel could be found in that alloy. Most gold earrings, flat back or otherwise, are sold at 14K or less. That means more than half of the metal isn’t gold. That’s why a hypoallergenic alternative is your best solution.

Erica Jewels provides unique and beautiful solutions for your cartilage earrings and other styles to feel confident and stunning daily. Review our collection now to see all the incredible designs!