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I Recently Bought My First House

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Naturally, It Has Been Causing Me a Lot of Stress…

But I’m Excited to Start Fresh

Starting anew, especially when you’re upgrading, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This new house of mine has more space than I’ve ever had; my old apartment was about as spacious as a shoebox! I’d been saving to buy a house for years, so it felt surreal to take the plunge.

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The moving process hasn’t been easy, though, which I’m sure other homeowners understand. Packing and transporting every belonging of mine has taken up all kinds of time and money, and there are a number of things on the second floor that need to be fixed. So, even though I now own the house, it’s going to take some work before it’ll truly feel like home!

Keeping My Belongings Organized

If you’re looking to purchase a house, my advice is simple: get some help. You work much more slowly when you’re alone and can easily become frustrated organizing everything by yourself.

Not everything I’d packed needed to be unloaded right away—I could do without a few lamps and desks—but some things, like my bed and fridge, needed an immediate setup. I also consider my TV to be a necessity, so that was on the top of my to-do list!

Some of my belongings would have been almost impossible to move in by myself—my drums, piano, and guitar amplifiers are heavy and must be handled with intense care. That’s why, on moving day, I called up some friends!

Hiring a Moving Company for Convenience

By friends, of course, I mean a local moving company that specializes in transporting weighty items and pieces of furniture. It was worth every penny; the workers packed, moved, and unloaded everything swiftly and efficiently.

I already have a lot on my mind, and the last thing I wanted was to strain my back during the move, so I was super thankful that the company had lower rates than I was expecting!

How I’ve Been Handling It

Relieving Tension with Video Games and Netflix

It was a blessing to have immediate access to my TV. In fact, it was one of the first things the movers set up! I took advantage of it that night, opting for a Netflix marathon, and the next day, after a few more hours of unpacking, I played some of my favorite video games to take my mind off things—and take my mind off things they did!

One of my favorite ways to alleviate stress has always been to spend a few hours playing video games. As a 90s kid, I’ve always seen the virtual world as a source of great comfort; one of my all-time favorite childhood Christmas gifts was the original Xbox!

I Tried a Fancy Spa Nearby

I’m not much of a spa person; the only time I’ve been to one was when I was a child, and that was with my mother, who has always loved to pamper herself. But after a week of almost unabated move-in stress, I looked up the nearest spa and decided to make a day of it.

Until recently, I’d never heard of a med spa, but my friends and family alike have told me that they’re practically made for relaxation. It completely defied all expectations! The med spa had all sorts of advanced skincare treatments, like lasers and injectables, but I just got a simple, yet nonetheless amazing, chemical peel.

Afterward, I felt so much younger. I will definitely be returning for a follow up!

Listening to Music All Day

Another outlet of mine is music. I play a number of instruments, including the guitar, banjo, and ukulele, but also simply love to listen. Most people I know have a preference of genre, but not me—I like just about everything that isn’t country!

This is also why I made sure to immediately unpack my Bluetooth speaker: to jam out as I unloaded the rest of my things. I can’t wait to be completely settled in and play all the music I want in this new adventure of a home!