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Iconic Video Game Glitches That Became A Part Of Pop Culture

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More often than not, we see glitches and bugs while playing video games. There are a huge variety of gaming glitches and bugs that can affect a video game. Usually, these glitches affect the gaming experience for viewers. Video game glitches are essentially errors within the code of the game.

According to CyberGhost’s blog piece, there have been multiple instances where game glitches have left an impact on the gaming community. Multiple video game glitches became quite popular among the gaming community and have even been turned into internet memes. 

How Video Game Glitches Impact Gaming Experience

Video game glitches are essentially visual, textual, or audio errors within the video game. A video game glitch can be something as simple as a screen lag. However, sometimes video games have severe glitches that affect the game’s progress. 

Such bugs and glitches within the game can create issues for gamers. Usually, it is suggested that gamers try to keep their graphics card updated and play games on a stable network. However, in extreme cases, they have to contact the developers.

Iconic Video Game Glitches

When it comes to video game glitches, some iconic glitches have become popular among the gaming community. These glitches are so well-known that there are multiple memes and discussion forums about them. Here are some of the most iconic gaming glitches that impacted the gaming community.

  • World Of Warcraft faced an in-game pandemic in September 2005. Based on reports, there was a certain region within the map where the virus started to spread. This resulted in the abandonment of the region and led to panic among players. Eventually, some players decided to venture into the territory while risking their health. This incident is called the Corrupted Blood incident and is one of the most popular video game glitches to date. 
  • Sometimes video game players experience some hilarious glitches within the game. The tiny Titan Christian Kirksey is one of the funniest glitches that occurred in the Madden NFL 15 game. After the release, multiple fans noticed that there was a small player character within the game which made the gameplay look hilarious. This specific glitch did not affect the gameplay at all.
  • Ubisoft’s Assasin Creed Unity faced a terrifying bug after the game’s release. Even though the game developers tried to resolve the issue as fast as possible, the faceless characters of Assasin’s Creed Unity soon became popular among the gaming community. Despite the terrifying nature, the visual glitch did not impact the gameplay. However, the gaming company faced severe criticism from people who bought the game.
  • When it comes to internet memes, nothing can be spared. Anything deemed worthy of creating a meme is eventually turned into one. The Witcher 3 game suffered from a bug that altered the behavior of the horse character in the game. Players could see the horse passing through walls, and even standing upside down in some instances. The game developers later joked about it, stating this was done on purpose so that the horse character is not too perfect.
  • One of the most irritating glitches to date has to be the Super Mario Bros glitch. The famous glitch called the minus world ensures that the players can not leave the level. The glitch presented itself upon pressing a certain set of key combinations. Once the players were stuck on the level, they had no way to continue the game. The glitch first appeared in 1985 and has been recurrent in Super Mario games for years.
  • Some video game glitches are mere visual errors, but they create a shocking image for players. The FIFA 14 giant hand glitch was one such glitch. For some reason, all players in the game had huge hands and it created a hilarious yet terrifying visual glitch for players. 
  • Sometimes visual bugs are so funny that they become a part of the game. When the game Hitman 2 was released, fans found it hilarious that agent 47 was hitting targets by throwing his suitcase. Many attempts were made to remove the bug from the game but the developers were not completely successful. However, due to the increasing popularity of the fun feature, the developers eventually decided to add the briefcase as an official feature.
  • The giant launch glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most ambiguous glitches. The developers have never commented on the possibility of it being a glitch. However, they have also not introduced the giant launch as an in-game feature. The giant launch feature in Skyrim is still available. Most players believe that the ridiculously high launch was a definite glitch, but the developers decided to keep it in the game due to its popularity.
  • The Sims is notoriously popular for its glitches. It was quite a trend within the 2000s to share newfound glitches within the game with your friends. The most hilarious glitches were the cloning glitches. Additionally, characters sometimes started doing activities without any reason or started behaving rudely. The game was full of glitches, and not a lot of them have been removed from the game. The Sims glitches are quite popular among the meme community as well.

These were some of the most iconic video game glitches within the gaming community. Some of these games have created a precedent for future games, while others have provided creators with an endless supply of memes. What other iconic video game glitches do you know about? Do you think some small glitches within the game make it more fun and exciting or do you prefer a seamless gaming experience?