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ID Renews ‘Breaking Homicide’

New Season Slated for Summer 2019

Investigation Discovery (ID) has announced that production has begun on an all-new season of “Breaking Homicide.” The series follows veteran police detective and private investigator Derrick Levasseur as he doggedly pursues cold cases around the nation, answering the pleas of desperate families asking for help with investigating the unsolved murders of their loved ones.

The logline: Each episode of “Breaking Homicide” provides fresh perspective and new hope to those who never gave up on the search for justice. Chasing down new clues and reviewing old ones, Levasseur re-examines each case with fresh eyes and the benefit of more advanced technology, applying his unique experiences as an undercover detective to meticulously dissect each case from top to bottom. Levasseur scours the locations of each crime for new information, sitting down with the original investigators and friends and families of the victims to try to uncover new clues that could solve these cases once and for all.

Season two of “Breaking Homicide” is slated to premiere Summer 2019.