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If You Want a Fast Cropping Video Editor, Flixier Is Here For You

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Do you want to make your videos look polished, but you don’t want to download or install difficult tools that could slow down your laptop? Then Flixier’s online cropping video editor is the tool you were looking for!

In this article, we’ll show you how to create stunning videos using this fast-cropping video editor. Let’s get started!

Why Should You Edit Your Videos?

There are many benefits to cropping videos before posting them. First, studies have shown that cropping out unnecessary clips will make it easier for the viewer to understand what’s going on in the video, editing out distracting elements can help keep viewers focused, which will lead to them feeling more engaged and increase the time they spend watching.

In addition, if you use third-party footage in your content, by cropping and editing some parts of it before posting the clip, you can make sure that you will avoid any type of copyright issues. You can also delete any sensitive or inappropriate portions that shouldn’t be included in the final content by cropping the top, bottom, or sides of your videos.

Finally, you can crop your YouTube videos before posting them, as Instagram stories or YouTube Shorts or you could extract Twitch highlights to post on TikTok. Posting on different social media platforms ensures that your content reaches as many users as possible!

How to Crop Your Videos with Flixier

Now that you know how beneficial editing your video can be to your content, we’ll explore how to effortlessly crop videos using Flixier’s online tool.

These are the steps you need to follow to use Flixier’s online crop video editor:

1.    Upload Your Clips to Flixier

First, you need to import your video to Flixier’s library. To add the video, you can either drag it over from your computer, upload it from cloud storage, or just import the clip by pasting the YouTube link.

2.    Edit and Crop Your Video

Click on the empty space next to the video canvas to open the Settings menu on the right side of the screen. Select one size preset, or enter your own one to crop and change the aspect ratio of the entire clip. Alternatively, you can select your clip on the Timeline, choose „Crop”, then use the sliders to edit it until it looks just right if all you want to do is crop one layer of the video while maintaining the rest intact.

In addition to cropping video frames in landscape or portrait orientation, Flixier allows you to crop videos in 4:3, 2:1, tall, narrow, and a variety of other formats. You’ll always be covered in terms of video sizes thanks to the adaptability of Flixier’s online video cropper.

3.    Upload or Download Your Video

Choose if you want to publish your video immediately to your YouTube or social media accounts after giving it a name. In three minutes or less, your cropped and watermark-free video will be available for download.

In addition, if you’re on a tight budget, Flixier also offers a free trial for video cropping! That’s right, you can crop your clips and change the aspect ratio in just a few minutes using Flixier’s free crop app, which has the same features as the paid one.

Start Cropping Your Videos!

In this article, we tackled how beneficial it is to crop your videos, it helps make your videos look professional, and you can attract as many viewers as possible by posting your content on different social media platforms.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, and you discovered how fast and easy it is to crop videos online, the only thing that is left for you is to start editing your videos with Flixier’s video cropping editor.