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IFC Orders Digital Comedy Short-Form Series ‘Slo Pitch’

Two Seasons of the Mockumentary Style

IFC has ordered two seasons of the digital mockumentary-style comedy short-form series “Slo Pitch”, which follows the comedic misadventures of the overly invested Coach Joanne and her queer softball team, The Brovaries. Season two will shoot this summer in the baseball fields and parks in and around Toronto. The logline: Each season consists of 10 10-minute episodes with season one following the underdog Brovaries team as they battle their way to the championship game in their highly competitive beer league.  Season two will see the team continue their fight towards the championship title, as Joanne and teammate Sasha also plan their upcoming wedding.

“Slo Pitch” is executive produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Karen Knox, Gwenlyn Cumyn and Michael Schram, and produced by Paige Haight. The series is directed by J Stevens (“Soft Spot”) and cinematographer of the feature film, “Hazy Little Thing”, which made its world premiere at the 2020 Canadian Film Festival (in collaboration with SuperChannel), as well as the short film “Pros & Cons ” and the forthcoming “Body So Fluorescent.”