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iGaming in 2024: Trends to Watch

Thanks to the accessibility the internet affords us and a passionate community, iGaming has become more popular than ever before. These days, millions of people around the world are happily playing casino games and making a profit online. 

2024 is poised to be another big year for the space, with many trends and developments taking root. iGaming as an industry is already worth billions of dollars but as these developments unfold, it is on track to be worth even more moving forward. From more immersive ways to play to social responsibility, here is how iGaming will change in 2024.

1. Crypto Use

Cryptocurrency was created to be a disruptive technology and it is safe to say it has achieved this goal. From being relatively unknown, cryptos like Bitcoin have risen to become globally-recognized and very financially viable. The iGaming space is one of the sectors that has embraced cryptocurrency and 2024 is looking to be another big year for this partnership.

Tokens like Bitcoin are seeing a major price spike and this tends to coincide with greater use. Luckily, there are many iGaming platforms accepting crypto these days and what makes them stand out is the fact that they offer greater security, anonymity and more freedom from restrictive gambling laws in many parts of the world. 

This year, we are likely to see more emphasis on crypto by iGaming businesses as they too wish to capitalize on the progress of the industry. While fiat will also remain in use, crypto won’t play second fiddle to it for much longer.

2. VR and AR

It is no secret that VR and AR have exploded in popularity in the last few years. Many of us tend to think of them in the context of gaming and other such activities but 2024 will see more of this technology being used in the iGaming space. One application of this will be avatars. 

The appeal of VR and AR has been in letting people enter immersive worlds as avatars and this can be applied to iGaming as well. By creating interactive avatars, customers can explore iGaming platforms with more ease and in a more entertaining way. It is one thing to scroll through a phone or on a laptop to play games but greater immersion can mean that players feel more connected to games. This is especially true for classic casino games like poker and blackjack that benefit from a sense of being in the room where the game is conducted. 

3. Greater Social Responsibility 

These days, there is much more emphasis on businesses being as ethical and socially responsible. In a world of cruelty-free products and recyclable packaging, consumers have to not just expect but demand that the businesses they patronize do some good in the world.

iGaming businesses are not exempt from this as in 2024, more of them will likely be vocal about their social responsibility efforts. These usually include donating a portion of profits to charity, having a diverse workforce, providing mental health resources for customers, and so on. 

While the iGaming space has been profitable since its inception, its growth means that there is a greater expectation of social responsibility and it seems that it will rise to the occasion. 

4. AI 

AI has had quite the run. While we as humans have always been somewhat fascinated by it, tools like Chat-GPT have fueled its visibility and made businesses more eager to apply it to their systems. iGaming, ever the adopter of innovative technology, is poised to embrace AI even more in 2024.

AI can be used to analyze user behavior and customize iGaming experiences to their tastes. This will mean more engagement on the part of the customer and more profits for the businesses. AI can also be applied to the customer service aspect of iGaming, making sure that users have their issues attended to as quickly as possible. 

AI can also be applied in designing the games themselves, whether this is the graphics, the coding needed to run the backend, and much more. Overall, AI will be used more in iGaming thanks to its plethora of benefits for both the players and the businesses involved. 

5. Decentralized Casinos

Consumers these days value control over their assets and their right to privacy. In traditional iGaming setups, this wasn’t always feasible but blockchain technology is changing this. Using blockchain, iGaming platforms can allow players to enjoy their games without having to actually deposit their funds on the platform.

Instead, players use crypto wallets that are connected to the site and, when necessary, will automatically transfer any money that they owe the casino. This system means that users do not have to relinquish control of their funds but can still play the games they love. Decentralized casinos began enjoying some buzz last year but 2024 is shaping up to be the year where they truly take off.


Fortunately for those who love iGaming, the space is always innovating and adapting with the times and 2024 has much in store for us. iGaming plans to become more engaging for customers thanks to VR, AR, and AI use. Users can also expect a more highly customized and immersive experience as they play. 

On top of this, cryptocurrency and decentralized casinos mean that they can retain more control over their money while still being able to profit from market movements. While all this is going on, iGaming companies will become more vocal about their good deeds in a bid to connect with an audience that is more sophisticated than ever,