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iGaming Solutions for B2B Segment

Are you new to the online and betting business? Do you want to gain straightforward knowledge for starting your online casino, sports betting, or gambling business?

The first thing you need to know is the difference between gambling products and gambling solutions.

When looking forward to starting an online gambling business, choose the igaming solutions and then a gambling product.

A gambling solution refers to the type of online gambling business you want to open. This could include:

  • An online casino solution (allows betting in casino games only)
  • Sportsbook solution (allows betting on sports games played across the world)
  • Live betting solution (allows betting on live games)
  • Live casino solution (allows betting on live casino games)
  • Virtual sports betting solution (allows betting online closer to real betting)

You can also choose to integrate more than one of such solutions into your online gambling website. The more the solutions, the better the chances of attracting more traffic to your online gambling business.

Betting and Gambling Products

Once you have decided on the gambling solution you wish to provide, the next step is choosing the solution.

To make these solutions affordable, the gambling solution software providers come up with different gambling products. Some of these include:

Simple API

API integration is the most affordable and economical means of starting a casino or betting platform.

You can choose to integrate gambling solutions into your website through API integration. You don’t have to buy a full solution this way, but you can use it to your advantage by paying a minimal monthly fee.

It acts like a window that connects the gambling business owner with the gambling business provider. You just click on the iframe solution and use it like it is your own. This product is beneficial for businesses at an early stage and when the earnings are low on pace.

Also, API integration allows you to kickstart your gambling business right away.

Ready-made platform

Another popular gambling and betting product is turnkey. It allows you to start your gambling business within 48 hours after being fully integrated into your website.

This is usually preferable by those starting their business from scratch. The right to control lies with the operator itself. The operator or the software provider will provide everything starting from the license to the intuitive interface, access to sportsbook limits, access to manage KYC, run promotional campaigns, multiple payment systems, and more.

You will just have to sit back and relax with nothing to worry about.

Sport Data Engine

Do you want to sit back and relax but need an online betting website that is pruned to your likes and dislikes? Do you want a product that allows customization in your gambling solution?

Data engine is made just for businesses like you. This product helps existing website owners looking to extend its functionality to other gambling solutions. The solutions integrated thereafter match the layout and interface of the already existing website.

Also, new gambling websites can use this product to create a unique betting and gambling website. The product works on a fixed percentage of commission or a one-time investment fee.

Visit to learn about all of the above solutions and products.

You can choose to set the betting types, payment systems, promotional campaigns, incentives, and everything per your own choices and desires.