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Importance of Flyers and Brochures in the Promotion and Marketing of a Company

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Within marketing strategies, face-to-face promotion is one of the most effective.

In any promotion and marketing strategy, you must use printed resources that capture the attention of the public. No matter how well-recognized a company is, it should always rely on promotion and marketing to stay current in the minds of consumers. With many options available – from foil art printing for resellers to colourful designs for advertising artists – a flyer is one of the most influential things you can use when it comes to marketing.

Within marketing strategies, face-to-face promotion is one of the most effective, because in this highly digitized world, physical contact is very effective to remain in memory. A good promotional campaign can be carried out through mailings, distribution of flyers and brochures, placing POP material on stands and presentation tables, among other methods.

It should be clarified that creating a flyer design and brochures are not the same, although both are printed materials that are delivered to the public.

Flyers are single-sheet, reduced-size, summary information with high visual impact and are massively delivered to large numbers of people, while brochures are larger, multi-sheet printed materials with more detailed information on the company and are delivered to a specific number of people. Both of them are still considered effective today, which is why the demand for custom brochures printing tends to be stable from year to year.

Flyers features and benefits

As we have already explained, flyers are sheets with printed information about the company. The cheap flyers at have the advantage that they are of high quality and due to their low prices they can be printed in larger quantities on a tight budget. This way you can reach more people and improve your return on investment rate.

One of the biggest limitations of many companies is that they do not make massive promotions of their products or services, either through face-to-face contact with customers, mailings, among others. The main reason for this problem is the high prices of flyers in many printers, which limits the reproduction of copies and reduces the reach of face-to-face marketing campaigns.

The solution is a company that prints cheap flyers thanks to its essential production chain, its own staff and the use of cheap and high-quality material.

A good company that reproduces cheap flyers does not charge for revisions and the delivery to the door of the company is free. This considerably reduces the final price for their reproduction, which allows ordering the printing of large quantities of flyers to reach a greater number of public.

What is the usefulness of flyers?

– They offer quick and simple information about the product or service that is being promoted.

– Contains contact information for the company (address, telephone numbers, email address, social media accounts, etc.).

– Guarantees that the information is kept in the receiver for as long as the flyer is handy.

– Facilitates face-to-face contact with the public.

– They can serve as coupons to claim discounts or promotions.

Importance of brochures in marketing

Marketing brochures are very useful tools for promoting a company, brand, product or service. Brochures, unlike flyers, are more elaborate, larger in size, contain several pages for more informative content, and are delivered to a specific number of audiences.

While it is true that some companies have enough budget to distribute brochures in bulk, this is not recommended, because the expenses may exceed the return on investment. Brochures can be personalized and can be made on different types of paper according to the image that the company wants to convey.

Brochures are essential in any exhibition or fair, where the company places a stand with POP material on it. Visitors to the booth will be left with a good impression if they get a brochure detailing what the company is all about and what kind of services it offers.

The printing quality, the selected paper material, the design and the written information of the brochures must be of high quality, which will attract the attention of the recipient.

What are the most outstanding characteristics of brochures as marketing tools?

It must contain in detail the corporate information of the company, it is even advisable to mention who makes up its board of directors and other responsible people in its line of command. It presents detailed information about the product or service offered by the company, including its mode of use, advantages, etc.

Both the brochure material, as well as its design and images should reflect the corporate image of the company and be in accordance with its principles, for example, an ecological organization should use recycled material and biodegradable inks in its brochures.

The information presented in the brochures should be very useful for the reader, who will give it practical use and at the same time generate greater affinity with the company. Brochures are often cheaper and more effective than other marketing tools, such as television, radio, and newspaper advertising.