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Importance of Travel Health Insurance During Covid Crisis

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The outbreak of coronavirus in 2019 has shattered our dreams of traveling and enjoying the memories in beaches, mountains and various sweet destinations. We all miss the moments we spend in new destinations and are looking back at our memories in the form of photographs and videos. A global survey on travelling was conducted by American Express Travel mentioning that 78% of the respondents wanted to travel in 2021 to relieve stress from 2020. Also surprisingly, 61% of the respondents said that they are more likely to spend more money on travelling in 2021 because they missed in 2020. This shows that it is crucial to take travel health insurance as you can never know what might happen to you with such a pandemic. You will never know when you may be tested Covid positive or fall ill! You also never expect to lose your baggage or meet with any reasons to cancel your trips at the last minute. To avoid losses and risks arising in this unpredictable situation, get yourself insured under travel insurance.


Travel health insurance provides you coverage for various medical and other emergencies that arise during the time travel. The emergencies include 

  • Medical care during the journey
  • Lost luggage/baggage
  • Delay of baggage
  • A loss that occurred from last-minute trip cancellations
  • Forgotten connections
  • Accidents that occurred during the trip, etc. 

On the whole, it allows you to enjoy your trip without any disruptions and provides you with financial coverage in case of any emergencies. A single trip or a multi-trip travel insurance policy is available. Adventurous frequent travellers can choose multi-trip travel insurance while people who travel rarely can choose a single trip travel insurance online according to their needs. It is an investment to protect you and your family during your most happening times. 

Additionally, Medicare supplement plans is a type of health insurance that helps pay for some of the expenses that Medicare does not cover. It is an important part of your healthcare coverage, and you should think about which one may be best for you.


1. Getting stuck outside your home country:

There are lots of chances for you to get stuck in some destination while you travel. For example, let us say you planned for a trip to Paris and all your bookings and everything is done. You had to take a corona test before you travel and fortunately, you tested negative thus finally boarded and reached your destination. You might be enjoying your visit and while you return, there may be a sudden increase in the spread of the virus and the government may lay strict restrictions on travel. All your flights get cancelled and you will be stuck there. You will have to take care of all the extra expenses incurred from those extra days of stay. In such cases, your travel insurance can save you from draining all your savings in just one trip. 

2. Unexpected Home quarantine:

As you have to test for covid before you travel, there are chances that you might test positive before your departure. You will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days and you will be forced to cancel your trips at the last moment. Also, there are chances of testing positive once you arrive at your destination. As the cost of living is double in tourist destinations, you will end up spending all your money in quarantine. During such situations, your travel insurance can cover your medical expenses. With this pandemic and the need to travel, it is better if you have bought travel insurance. 

3. High medical expenses:

As the cost of living itself is high at tourist destinations, the medical expenses would also be too high. So, if you are affected by Covid-19 during your travel or any other illness, the big fat bills of your hospitals can be reimbursed under your travel health insurance. Also, you can get cashless treatments if those hospitals are in the network hospitals of your insurer. Get travel health insurance and enjoy your trips without any restrictions amidst the pandemic. 

4. Cover even natural disasters:

Travel insurance usually covers all types of uncertainties that interrupt your smooth and safe travel. Even if you are stuck or injured due to a natural calamity at your tourist destination, you will be provided coverage to get treated for that. It can be a medical emergency, a delay in flights, last-minute cancellation due to flood, earthquake, etc… For all such unforeseen events, you will be covered with your travel health insurance. 

5. Airlines are risky:

Airline services faced a huge standstill during this pandemic despite trying so hard to continue their operations. They were unable to find enough parking spaces too. Most of these systems were not efficient enough and travelling once they are put back into the air comes with a high risk. You are highly risky to lose your baggage, miss connections, delayed flights, etc… So, better have travel health insurance to stay cool and secured.